Contract Management

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Contract Management Crisis Management Preparedness for GCs

Find out how ContractPodAi can parter with you in your digitial transformation journey – and your contingency planning for COVID-19 and other crises.

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GC MasterClass: Technicolor Case Study

GC MasterClass: Technicolor CLM Case Study

The new addition to our contract management resources, contract management MasterClass showcasing how media and entertainment giant Technicolor transformed its contract management system with an end-to-end CLM partnership.

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Corporate Counsel's Employment of Technology

Over several months, ContractPodAi interviewed 50 large corporate legal departments – managing more than 10,000 contracts combined – on their current organizational practices.

We asked them about their overall technology use, their automation’s utility in contract risk and mitigation management, and their analysis of unstructured data, as well as their performance measurements of contact portfolios.

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Security Information Datasheet

CLM Security Information Datasheet

Every single day, hackers attack systems 2,244 times on average – or every 39 seconds – according to the University of Maryland. Because cyberattacks happen more often than not, taking steps to guard against data breaches – while backing up your most sensitive data – should not only be top-of-mind, but a top priority.

Download our Contract Management System Security Information Datasheet today, and find out how ContractPodAi can help you become more proactive about your data security.

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Digital Transformation Scorecard

Legal Digital transformation Scorecard

The advancement of legal technology continues to take hold. Digital transformation in the legal sector represents a significant paradigm shift, impacting legal counsels and management consultants alike.

Find out where exactly your organization’s legal digital transformation is. Fill out ContractPodAi’s Digital Transformation Scorecard to learn about deficits and opportunities in your current contract management system that need to be addressed.

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Auto-Contract Desk Product Sheet

Auto-Contract Desk Product Sheet

More than 30% of respondents see the need to speed up legal work within law departments – above all else – by the end of 2023, according to Gartner. Combine that with the massive amount of contracts that organizations generate to do business, and it is clear to see why it is essential to decrease the amount of time spent on producing contracts.

Find out how ContractPodAi’s Auto-Contract Desk can help you make your contract drafting more efficient and effective.

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Contract Management Primer - Free eBook Download

Contract Management Fundamentals: A CLM Primer

This invaluable contract management guide shows you:

  • How to define the contract management process,
  • How 89% of Work Automation Projects exceed ROI expectations
  • What your current solution is missing, using our contract management checklist

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