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Three stages of Legal Digital Transformation Banner

Three Stages of Legal Digital Transformation

It’s time for legal to embrace change. Read ContractPodAi’s new eBook to learn how to create your own legal digital transformation success story.

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Contract Risk and Compliance Datasheet

Download the Contract Risk and Compliance Datasheet to learn how ContractPodAi’s new feature analyzes contracts and identifies risks with the power of AI.

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Stepping up to Legal Digital Transformation Banner

Webinar: Stepping up to Legal Digital Transformation

ContractPodAi in partnership with Cosmonauts hosted this webinar to make sure you are prepared for the positive change through legal digital transformation.

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Delegated Approval Datasheet icon

Delegate Approval Datasheet

Download the Delegate Approval Datasheet to learn about ContractPodAi’s new core feature, making delegation processes faster and more efficient than ever.

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Cognitive Search Datasheet Banner

Cognitive Search Datasheet

Download the Cognitive Search Datasheet to learn about ContractPodAi’s new core feature, cutting the time spent searching through contracts and documents.

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Virtual Legal Assistant Datasheet Banner

Virtual Legal Assistant Datasheet

Download the Virtual Legal Assistant Datasheet to learn how ContractPodAi’s new feature is legal’s way of getting more for less – more impact, less stress.

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Express Contract Collaborator Datasheet Banner

Express Contract Collaborator Datasheet

Download the Express Contract Collaboration Datasheet to learn about how ContractPodAi’s new tool can speed up your contract negotiations and adjustments.

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Migration & Abstraction Services Datasheet

Contract Migration and Abstraction Services

Find out how ContractPodAi’s Contract Migration Service can help you move your contractual documents to a more evolved contract lifecycle management system.

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Contract Management Tips to Prepare for the Next Global Crisis

Webinar: Contract Management Tips to Prepare for the Next Crisis

ContractPodAi in partnership with IACCM hosted this webinar to help you make sure you have the contract management tips you need for any crisis.

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How a Global Crisis Changed the Way we View Change

Webinar: How a Global Crisis Changed the Way we View Change

Watch this on-demand legal webinar to find out more about how your contract management process can be ready for any crisis with Charles Dimov and Derek Karpel.

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General Counsel Leadership in Action: IPsoft

General Counsel Leadership in Action: IPsoft

Find out how IPsoft embraced their Legal Digital Transformation to be ready for any industry change or crisis that may occur.

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Contract Management Crisis Preparedness for GCs: Legal Team's Contingency Planning for COVID-19 (Corona virus) & Other Crises

Contract Management Crisis Management Preparedness for GCs

Find out how ContractPodAi can parter with you in your digitial transformation journey – and your contingency planning for COVID-19 and other crises.

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GC Masterclass: Technicolor Case Study

GC MasterClass: Technicolor CLM Case Study

Watch the contract management MasterClass showcasing how media and entertainment giant Technicolor transformed its contract management system with an end-to-end CLM partnership.

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Corporate Counsel's Employment of Tech Research Report

Find out the latest on Corporate Counsel’s employment of legal technology in 2020 with this research paper from ContractPodAi.

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ContractPodAi for Salesforce Brochure

Find out how ContractPodAi helps your legal and sales teams collaborate through seamless integration between CLM Solutions and salesforce.

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Security Information Datasheet

CLM Security Information Datasheet

In today’s connected world, security is essential. Download our Contract Management System Security Information Datasheet today, and find out how ContractPodAi ensures your data stays safe and secure.

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Digital Transformation Scorecard

Legal Digital Transformation Scorecard

Benchmark your current contract management system with ContractPodAi’s free Scorecard and learn the status of your organization’s digital transformation.

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Auto-Contract Desk Product Sheet

Auto-Contract Desk Product Sheet

ContractPodAi’s Auto-Contract Desk is here to help you make contract generating a breeze. Find out how it can your legal department.

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Contract Management Primer

Contract Management Fundamentals: A CLM Primer

ContractPodAi’s free Contract Management Fundamentals Primer helps you define your contract management system. Download this free but invaluable guide now.

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