E:V has a host of new features

New functionality for the world's first end to end artificially intelligent contract analyst

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Store all your contracts on the cloud and access them from anywhere without any limitations. Having contracts on the cloud ensures unlimited access by anyone with the correct authentication and enables your team to work from anywhere. Sales team can upload contracts to be signed from any location and legal can pick them up immediately.

Central Contract Repository

View your contract data from a central repository. Check assigned activites, contract stage and contract metadata at a glance. Search on all the contracts using multiple filters to get what you are looking for instantly. Consolidating paperwork, especially company contracts, in a single online location ensures effective record keeping and eliminates the need to scour the company network or sift through file cabinets.

Customizable Key Obligations

Customizable key obligations gives you the freedom to choose your own data points on a contract. De-clutter the noise by getting exactly what you are looking for. Choose from our exhaustive list of key obligations and get specialized reports for a specific purpose.

SharePoint Integration

Now, consume contracts directly from a SharePoint drive. Accelerate your contract workflows and increase agility. Help teams collaborate faster with our inbuilt Microsoft SharePoint web plug-in. Reduce overheads and remove human error by automating repetitive workflows and tasks.
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