IACCM Webinar:
Your Contracts Are A Goldmine

How to leverage Big Data
you never knew you had April, 9th - 11am ET

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) – two of the biggest business buzzwords in recent times.
But before we lose you, let’s consider the powerful implication of bringing the two together within your contract management workflow.

Big Data relates to extremely large data sets. According to the dictionary definition it “reveals patterns, trends and associations especially relating to human behavior and interactions”.

Most contract management tools have some kind of Business Intelligence reporting capability, but don’t do data analysis in this depth. Seldom do they combine analytics and AI driven contract review.

Our platform, however, helps your legal team make smarter business decisions through AI with the auto-extraction of meta-data.

This webinar will demonstrate how ContractPodAi’s powerful reporting functionality combines with its Watson AI engine to deliver this advanced level of analytics.

Via key obligation extraction we will learn how to:

  • Identify which of your customers or suppliers are preferable to work with
  • Assess which of your contracts contain the most risk
  • Create or adjust playbooks in response to the information revealed

Then via audit trails, use data to create further operational efficiencies that lead to up to 40% shorter contracting cycles from request to signature.


Deirdre Leone, JD

VP North America East, ContractPodAi®

Deirdre plays a pivotal role at ContractPodAi® where she leads its commercial growth throughout the eastern region of North America. Deirdre is passionate about legal technology and enjoys explaining the benefits of AI-driven contract management. Deirdre holds a J.D. from Widener University School of Law.


Peggy Barber

Regional CEO Americas and Global General Counsel, IACCM

Peggy has deep expertise in strategic contracting, commercial and competition law, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, business operations etc. Having managed many contracts professionals who truly understand the critical intersection of business and law, she is a strong advocate of the contracting function and the key role that contracts professionals play in achieving excellent business results.

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