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Protect IP Rights That are
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An intellectual property (IP) portfolio consists of many different types of assets that are critical to the products and services a company delivers, and to its long-term viability. IP can range from trade secrets and patents to copyrights and trademarks.

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ContractPodAi Cloud—Secure Your Company’s Value

Today, companies face widespread and unceasing efforts - by outside forces - to compromise their business systems and profit from stolen IP. The ContractPodAi Cloud platform enables corporate legal counsel to better protect intellectual property rights and manage the associated risks, ensuring an enterprise’s underlying value is never compromised.
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Leverage a Single-source Repository

The IP application within ContractPodAi Cloud leverages a single-source repository, which enables you to oversee and protect your organization’s entire collection of intellectual property rights. The repository provides a unified view of your IP portfolio so you can expertly manage key dates, obligations, and metadata - like rights holders, jurisdictions and status or expirations.

The Power of One

The Power of One

Experience the industry’s only legal platform featuring user-friendly screens, which step you through the initiation to resolution of every challenge, every use case and every document.


Upload IP Records

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Extract IP Data

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Request & Assign Reviews

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Search Portfolio

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Translate IP Documents

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Manage Expirations & Renewals

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Perform IP Portfolio Analysis

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Upload IP Records

The IP Management application uses our cloud platform’s advanced OCR feature to scan and index portfolio documents such as patents, trademarks and copyrights. You can quickly create custom fields to input forms and capture all data relevant to your business and IP.
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Extract Key IP Data Through AI

ContractPodAi Cloud’s natural language processing capability extracts key IP information - including patent numbers and filing dates - and abstracts for easy review and organization.
IP Management - AI Extraction

Request & Assign Reviews

Initiate new IP reviews using self-service forms in the application for patents, trademarks, or copyrights. Use the task manager feature to assign reviewers and track their progress.
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Search Your IP Portfolio

The cloud platform’s cognitive search capability enables you to effectively search IP metadata and document text. You can find documents by expiration data, IP type, subject area, and more.
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Translate IP Documents

ContractPodAi Cloud helps you better manage your global IP portfolio by automatically translating documents across more than 65 languages.
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Manage Expirations & Renewals

Automatically extract expiration and renewal dates from any IP document, and generate and assign alerts to specific users to keep your IP portfolio up-to-date and secure.
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Perform IP Portfolio Analysis

Effectively track, manage, and review all of your intellectual property by using our platform's intuitive user interface to create custom dashboards and reports.
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