Language Features

Business is global – your CLM needs to be. ContractPodAi supports your global teams and work. Our advanced language features give you the power to conduct business where you are and where you want without worrying about language barriers.

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Work In Your Native Language

With ContractPodAi Cloud, your team and users have the capability to choose their language preferences. Though you can set a default language for your platform, users can select the one that they are most comfortable using, increasing efficiency and collaboration.

Examples of Supported Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Ukrainian, Russian, Hungarian, Slovak, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Bulgarian, Brazilian, Portuguese. Additional languages can be added by client request.

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Seamless Document Translation

Contracts, or other documents with sensitive information, are too nuanced to be translated by simple consumer translation services. Save time by using our integrated translation feature – no need for additional cumbersome third-party services. Easily translate and streamline negotiations when a third-party sends a contract in a different language or a customer has clauses in their documents indicating the primary language of a binding contract.

Examples of Supported Languages: Arabic, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, Russian, and Korean. Additional languages, from a library of more than a hundred supported languages, can be configured by client request.

Ai Extraction and Compliance Program

AI extraction helps extract important terms, Key Legal Obligations (KLOs), to speed up or streamline contract review. Our AI is trained to extract KLOs from documents in both English and non-English languages. Our customers can review global KLOs in their documents and third-party documents in supported languages.

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