Claustack Announces the Launch of the oneDPA Initiative in Collaboration With PwC UK and ContractPodAi

Claustack Announces the Launch of the oneDPA Initiative in Collaboration With PwC UK and ContractPodAi
by ContractPodAi

Off the success of oneNDA, Claustack kicks off its next standardisation initiative, oneDPA, to standardise the Data Processing Agreement backed by PwC NewLaw, ContractPodAi and endorsed by World Commerce & Contracting

London, UK – 31 March, 2022 – Claustack today announced it’s launching a oneDPA project on Wednesday 6th April. This latest project from the Claustack team comes with sponsorship from ContractPodAi, the AI-driven contract lifecycle management platform. Both ContractPodAi and PwC UK have successfully adopted oneNDA.

Graham Edwards, PwC NewLaw – Senior Transformation Lead said, “PwC NewLaw is proud to be supporting Electra Japonas, Roisin Noonan, and the team at Claustack on oneDPA. Since PwC UK launched OneNDA we have seen standardisation on NDAs being used and adopted by organisations globally and the numbers keep rising.  We have seen some fantastic efficiencies through oneNDA from both a client experience and time efficiency perspective for PwC UK and our clients. Driving innovation, automation, and optimisation through standardisation on contracts is core to efficiencies being realised across the industry. We see innovative projects such as oneDPA as a key part of streamlining wider legal and operational processes.”

World Commerce and Contracting have declared its support of the new initiative, and Claustack more broadly, as a place where the legal and contract drafting community can come to collaborate for the purposes of creating better ways of working.

Jerry Levine, General Counsel of ContractPodAi, sees these developments as beneficial news for legal and contractual workflows. “As a leading CLM and legal automation platform, we’re increasingly seeing the need for collaboration and consensus-based standards. We believe that allowing lawyers and allied professionals to rely on standards, along with the technology to verify those standards, while also allowing those same professionals to focus on the key items that affect their business, is an effective, important, and beneficial change for the practice of law.”

oneDPA is the natural progression of the oneNDA initiative and shares similar characteristics as both forms lend themselves well to standardisation. Regulatory requirements largely drive the content of DPAs, yet agreements vary dramatically, making oneDPA the perfect next step. This is important considering upcoming changes to the law following Brexit, Schrems II, and the recent announcement on the potential for a new Privacy Shield. With all these potential regulatory changes, the Data Protection landscape is becoming more and more difficult to navigate.

Standardisation in this area is set to reduce the enormous amount of time and cost this increasingly complex agreement structure is due to cause over the next few months.

As with oneNDA V2 and oneNDA + M&A, oneDPA document/template will be hosted on Claustack. The collaboration and communication required during the standardisation process for creating oneDPA will now also be run digitally on the Claustack platform for more agility and transparency. Like oneNDA, the project will have a steering committee, but this time, the community will be able to contribute from the get-go. More details on the process will be announced on the platform in early April.

If you’d like to get involved, go to and sign up to receive a notification when the project commences.


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