Top 3 Things You Won’t Want to Miss at CLOC 2022

Top 3 Things You Won’t Want to Miss at CLOC 2022
by Jerry Levine

The annual CLOC Global Institute (CGI) conference is right around the corner! At CLOC Global Institute 2022 in Las Vegas, between May 9 and 12, more than 2,000 attendees and hundreds of speakers will meet once more. General counsels (GCs) and legal operations specialists will proactively engage with industry leaders and like-minded professionals, and discuss all things legal, like the trends in legal technology, legal operations, and legal digital transformation, in general.

Here are a few things you won’t want to miss at CLOC 2022.

1. Networking Opportunities

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic is subsiding, CLOC will be a great opportunity to connect with professionals in the legal industry. Not only for worthwhile discussions, but also to network with future allies, advisers, and colleagues. With so many sessions planned, you’re bound to find one that suits your wants and needs, and meet others that share your particular interests.

2. A Look at Changing Trends Since the Pandemic

The legal industry is changing constantly, and it’s important to follow the trends and keep up to date. For instance, since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in legal services and technology demand. And according to Gartner, this demand is expected to increase by 90 percent in the next two years. The adoption and implementation of legal tech, like contract lifecycle management (CLM) systems, continue to trend upwards, as more and more organizations recognize the need to work remotely and far more efficiently. In fact, in the Blickstein Group’s 14th annual “Law Department Operations Survey,” 46 percent of respondents said that automation sped up their departments’ work since the pandemic.

On top of that, CLOC 2022 will cover exciting trends in legal operations and strategies for in-house legal teams, as well as  CLM success stories.

3. Learning Sessions

At CLOC 2022, there will be 75 different learning sessions, in which industry leaders from various companies and industries will contribute to insightful and thought-provoking conversations.

On May 11, ContractPodAi will host the session, Shaping the Strategy: How Legal Ops Can Drive Company-wide Initiatives.According to Gartner, there is a 90% projected increase in legal service demand in the next two years In addition to covering research from CLOC’s “2021 State of the Industry Survey,” this session will explain:

  • How legal ops professionals can better be a part of strategic initiatives across the entire organization
  • How to forge formal collaborations and partnerships with various business units
  • How to get more involved with cross-functional objectives and enterprise-wide strategic initiatives

Don’t Miss CLOC 2022

CLOC 2022 promises to be a very exciting few days — in fact, we can bet on it! Join ContractPodAi, too, to find out everything you need to know about legal technology, legal operations, and legal digital transformation. We’ll also be at booth #231, so you can book a meeting with one of our digital transformation experts, shortly after registering!

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