ContractPodAi® Expands Into the Salesforce Ecosystem

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11th December 2017

Artificial Intelligence powered contract management system provider ContractPodAi® today (11 December) announces the launch of its contract management application on the Salesforce platform, in a move to extend its usability and scale to all organisations that use Salesforce.

The ContractPodAi® Salesforce Application will be available as a standalone product alongside ContractPodAi®’s existing contract management solution and enable multi-disciplinary users from across the organisation, such as business development teams, to access the powerful contract automation functionality of ContractPodAi and broaden its reach as a “front door” to the legal department.

The ContractPodAi® Salesforce Application is built on the Salesforce Lightning Platform but is available with identical functionality for users of the Classic version too.

“Now Salesforce users will be able to do everything they need to manage a contract including adding and manipulating clauses, templates and key obligations from their Salesforce account. Sales teams can manage contracts to required levels without leaving the Salesforce environment that is familiar to them as well as its uniquely intuitive workflow. From an enterprise perspective, we expect the real efficiency benefits to be enormous.
“Like most of our innovations it comes in direct response to the needs of our clients, who actively want their sales teams to be able to access ContractPodAi® in this way. As such we have focused on the full seamless user experience and an intuitive interface.  The application integrates ‘out of the box’ with our cloud application essentially helping customers take advantage of our other capabilities including AI based contract review, Chatbot and Discovery level searchability.”

Sarvarth Misra, Founder and Co-CEO of ContractPodAi®.

The new ContractPodAi® for Salesforce is available to ContractPodAi® customers on beta version from today and will be available directly on the Salesforce application store within the first quarter of 2018.

ContractPodAi empowers your team to assemble, send, sign and approve all kinds of contracts – from NDAs to sales contracts – anywhere, anytime and using any device.

Automated contact & document assembly

Highly configurable approval workflows

Central collaboration & negotiation

Sign using DocuSign eSignatures

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