On the Tenth Day of Giving, My Legal Tech Gave to Me… Lessss Work (With Automation)!

On the Tenth day of giving, my legal tech gave to me, lessss work (with Automation)!
by ContractPodAi

One of the most important elements of modern tech and platforms is giving business users tools to easily automate tasks.

What slips away fast, and you can’t get back? TIME. This holiday we are sharing 12 ideas and tips on saving and getting time back with your legal tech. 

On the Tenth Day of Giving, My Legal Tech Gave to Me… Lessss Work (With Automation)!

Get more work done in less time with less effort

ContractPodAi offers automation features throughout your Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) processes to save you time, effort, and headaches. It also ensures your organization’s compliance policies and legal requirements.

Build Powerful Workflows with Zero Coding

Our Workflow Designer is easy-to-use and highly intuitive. In fact, it was built for non-technical people. But being easy does not mean it’s not powerful. It’s designed to help users build both simple and complex workflows.

Example: You have multiple types of contracts and each one has a slightly different workflow with different approvers or timelines. You can build out custom workflows that include notifications, approvals, and transitions.

Automate— Report Generation and Delivery

ContractPodAi Cloud includes out-of-the-box reports AND tools to easily create countless custom reports based on metadata. For example, find out how many tasks are open, what types of tasks, and what types of contracts are being requested. Or provide sales with a custom report for all upcoming renewals. The reports are automatically generated and delivered based on your preferences, such as daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.

Automate—Details and Deadlines

Often, it’s the small, but very important, details and deadlines that keep you us at night. With our Task Manager automates these tasks so you can rest better. You can set tasks that run in parallel to the standard contract workflow.

Example: You’re selling goods. Add a task to ensure you have enough product. Assign reviews for data protection that need to be completed before finalizing terms.

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