On the Fourth Day of Giving, My Legal Tech Gave to Me… Self-Service Contract Management

On the Fourth Day of Giving, My Legal Tech Gave to Me… Self-Service Contract Management
by ContractPodAi

What slips away fast, and you can’t get back? TIME. This holiday we are sharing 12 ideas and tips on saving and getting time back with your legal tech. 

On the Fourth Day of Giving, My Legal Tech Gave to Me… Self-Service Contract Management

Has your organization considered self-service for standard agreements like NDA, BAA, and CDA? Are there other standard, low risk agreements that your business users, such as sales or human resources, can create and deliver end-to-end?

Customized Workflow: Empower Business Users & Improve Compliance

Self-service contract management can remove some of the pressure from your legal team, while ensuring business teams stay in compliance. ContractPodAi’s self-service solution is customizable to meet your company’s unique needs. Configure your workflow based on your preferences, such as types of contracts, dollar amounts, by parties etc.

For example, perhaps you want ninety percent of the process to be self-service and automated, and the last ten percent is a review-based on dollar amount or other configurable parameters. Or you want to empower your sales team to deal with NDAs independently. Our solution means you can enjoy one less email or one less request that you need to process and track.

By 2024, Gartner predicts manual effort for contract review will be reduced by 50% due to adoption of AI-based contract analytics solutions.

Add Automated Contract Review

Next level is automating contract review with Artificial Intelligence (AI). With our Contract Risk & Compliance feature AI does the first review, including extraction and analysis. It automatically searches your contracts for non-compliant text and delivers your team a risk scorecard—enabling the legal team to focus in on the risk.

Self-Service with Pre-built Integrations

Our self-service is as straightforward, easy to use, and intuitive. So you don’t have to worry about challenging change management or intensive training on a new app. We have out-of-the box integrations with frequency-used applications, such as Word, so your users can essentially start a contract from apps they already know and use daily. We also have integrations with CRM apps like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics or add it to your legal request workflow in ServiceNow or Workday.

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