On the Twelfth Day of Giving, My Legal Tech Gave to Me… Time

Twelve Days of Giving: Time
by ContractPodAi

See the 12 ways ContractPodAi can give you time back

Twelve Days of Giving: Time
“Lost time is never found again.” – Benjamin Franklin

ContractPodAi recognizes that your time is precious, especially during the busy holiday season. So it’s our pleasure to share 12 Days of Giving, tips and ideas that save you the gift of time. These offerings are really at the heart of what we do. Our solution streamlines and automates Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) processes so your legal teams can focus on what they were trained to do, not burdensome, repetitive, error-prone tasks.

Below is a recap of our 12 Days of Giving:

Day 1: Centralize, Personalize & Visualize Organizations who use visual data discovery are 28% more likely to find timely information.

Tired of wasting time searching for contracts in multiple areas? Enjoy one centralized repository for all of your contracts and legal data. Our Smart Repository allows you to dynamically transform (no-code) how you view your contract data—by dates, geography, party, and more. And visualized data allows you to process the information faster and easier. (Organizations who use visual data discovery are 28% more likely to find timely information.)

Day 2: Cognitive Search

ContractPodAi Cognitive Search is AI-powered functionality to help you find that needle in the haystack of contracts and legal documents, such as a clause, date, or term. It helps you cut through data to get the information you need—right when you need it. It uses both artificial intelligence and natural language processing to instantly search through algorithms in the text and data to save you valuable time and effort. In fact, it can cut the time that you spend searching for contracts and related documents by as much as 75%. Not only will it greatly improve business productivity, it allows you to reallocate time to the things you truly value.

Day 3: Deep Insights into Legal Data

DeepSights is a collection of metric-based dashboards that help legal teams measure results, identify risk, and track trends to drive the business forward faster, smarter, and with less risk. Leverage instant access to large volumes of data in visual dashboards to quickly identify trends, patterns and risk. Each dashboard is made up of visual widgets that elevate data with advanced filtering to drill down further.

Day 4: Self-Service Contract Management

Self-service contract management can remove some of the pressure from your legal team, while ensuring business teams stay in compliance. Our Auto Contract Desk (ACD) is designed to give legal teams the power to configure and automate workflow based on your company’s policies. With ACD you can enable simple to complex workflows that give you more time back, enable the business and reduce risk. ContractPodAi means you can enjoy one less email or one less request that you need to process and track.

Day 5: Automated Contract Review

Contract Risk and Compliance (CR&C), better known as AI-assisted contract review, is like having an assistant that loves to read, analyze contracts, enjoys repetition, and never gets bored. CR&C reviews and analyzes contracts and highlights the areas of risk so you can put your focus where it matters. Not only does this benefit YOUR day-to-day operations, but the rest of the organization will also appreciate the results because you’ll get more work done without doing more work.

Day 6: Pre-Built Play Books

How does Artificial Intelligence (AI) know your companies’ terms and conditions, compliant text, and fallback language? Playbooks.

ContractPodAi offers pre-built playbooks for the most common contract types The playbooks are built into ContractPodAi Cloud and enable AI to review your contracts and extract your non-compliant terms and conditions. They provide guardrails for reviewers, making delegation a possibility. Users can quickly assess risk with a scorecard and navigate to the non-compliant text where they’ll have access to the playbook data—compliant text, fallback language, and explanations.

Working where you are most comfortable saves valuable time.

Day 7: Word Add-In

Do you prefer to redline, edit, and collaborate from Microsoft Word app or online? We built seamless integrations with Microsoft so that you can choose from where and how you work. Our Word Add-in enables you to work from Word or Outlook—so you can review, edit, add, and even replace clauses from the clause library. You can search for records and contracts, and upload new documents, versions, and attachments. Every request, change, and upload is automatically synchronized to ContractPodAi Cloud.

Working where you are most comfortable saves valuable time. And if it’s not Word, don’t worry. We have an add-in for Gmail too.

Day 8: The Salesforce Integration You Want

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) isn’t just about helping your legal team. Sales will sing your praises with ContractPodAi’s CRM integrations. Not only does it simplify a key business process and reduce the amount of time both sales and legal teams need to spend on contracts. And it just might cut down on emails, but the real game changer is empowering sales to work from their CRM and automating workflows that keep contracts in compliance and maybe even delivering self-service for low-risk, simple contracts.

Enjoy these benefits:

  • More control and visibility from start to finish
  • Automated workflow to ensure business flows faster and deals close sooner
  • Self-service for low-risk documents, such as NDAs or simple contracts
  • Improved contract compliance
  • Reduce the number of tedious, back-and-forth emails

With all of this saved time – go catch up on other projects, grab a coffee with a colleague, or schedule that important meeting. It’s a win-win for the entire organization.

Day 9: Legal Intake

Legal Intake enables you to centralize and automate all your legal requests (not just contracts), streamline communications and collaboration, and track trends and outcomes to improve your legal services. Your legal team will quickly notice enhanced tracking, improved productivity, data-driven efficiency, and increased job satisfaction. And even better, the entire organization will benefit by getting business done faster, with total visibility and transparency throughout the workflow.

Day 10: Less Work with Automation

Get more work done in less time.

ContractPodAi offers automation features throughout your CLM processes to save you time, effort, and headaches. It also ensures your organization’s compliance policies and legal requirements. The highly intuitive Workflow Designer helps users build both simple and complex, custom workflows.

Day 11: Transformation Team

ContractPodAi’s Transformation Team includes experts that help our customers articulate their goals, build a plan to achieve those goals, and configure a new CLM to do what it’s built to do.

The team will:

  • Migrate your existing contracts
  • Centralize your contracts and legal documents in a single, secure repository
  • Deliver self-service for non-risky contracts to your business
  • Configure simple or complex workflows to automate business and legal processes
  • Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to extract terms and conditions
  • Configure our pre-built compliance program (playbooks)

And there is no additional cost—it’s part of the service. So whether you are starting a new project or changing solutions, we save you time, money, and stress.

Day 12: ContractPodAi Cloud: One Legal Platform

Join other leading, global organizations that leverage our solution – and start getting back the gift of time. ContractPodAi Cloud is the industry’s most powerful and intuitive legal platform for end-to-end contract lifecycle management. It gives you complete visibility, command, and control over all of your legal documents — from anywhere, and at any time.

Less headaches. Less wasted time. Less costs.
One comprehensive solution. One team of experts. One ecosystem of tools.

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