2021 Legal Tech Buyer’s Guide: Contract Automation

Legal Tech Buyer’s Guide: Why the ContractPodAi Cloud Legal Platform is Everything Your In-house Legal Team Needs Legal Operations: Contract, Automation & Engagement Management 2021 Buyers Guide

As more and more companies realize the need to digitally transform, the adoption and implementation of legal automation systems has become even more crucial. The recently launched ContractPodAi Cloud is one unified legal platform that combines customizable CLM software with other legal-focused applications. But why should you choose ContractPodAi Cloud over other solutions in the legal technology space?

Legal Tech Publishing provides informative insight, through reviews, to showcase the features and functionalities of legal technology platforms. It helps companies select the right technology tool to support individual work needs, and improve workplace productivity and efficiencies.

The 2021 Legal Tech Buyer’s Guide explains how the ContractPodAi Cloud legal platform fully supports the workloads of in-house legal teams. In particular, it breaks down the AI-powered system’s contract management and other legal-focused applications, including:

  • GDPR compliance
  • RFP review
  • IP management
  • Obligations, risk, and compliance management

In addition, the Legal Tech Buyer’s Guide outlines what it sees as ContractPodAi Cloud’s key strengths:

  • Uses technology from IBM, Microsoft, DocuSign, and Workshare
  • Offers an intuitive user interface and superior B2B user experience
  • Facilitates legal automation and company-wide collaboration
  • Includes dedicated implementation and client success teams
  • Supports legal digital transformation

Since 2012, ContractPodAi has provided mid- to large-size large companies with end-to-end contract lifecycle management (CLM) software. Our AI capabilities minimizes business risks by improving the compliance of agreements to all legal requirements.

Download Legal Tech Publishing’s latest Buyer’s Guide today. See how the ContractPodAi Cloud legal platform streamlines day-to-day workflows — and distinguishes itself in today’s legal technology market.

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