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Experience New Levels of Efficiency While Managing Your Contracts

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These days, the collaboration between legal and sales departments is important throughout the contract management process. So is the seamless integration between trusted technologies like contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions and Salesforce. The full lifecycle management of contracts, including the use of eSignatures, highly depends on the two coming together in this way. You need to effectively manage your contracts and related documents with ease, no matter where they are stored. And your entire contract management system (CMS) needs to be accessible to all users across the business.

Download our brochure to learn about:

  • How ContractPodAi and Salesforce work together in a full end-to-end CLM system
  • Accessing the full suite of ContractPodAi features via the Salesforce portal
  • The differences between the integrated application and our managed standalone application

ContractPodAi for Salesforce equips you with everything that you need to manage your contract process, from generation through to negotiation and signature.

Download our brochure now to find out even more.


Using the best AI Technology from IBM Watson, our platform breaks down traditional barriers around documents to give you seamless and limitless functionality out of the box.

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