Express Contract Collaborator Datasheet

Express Contract Collaborator Datasheet

Are you spending too much time reviewing contracts?

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The writing, reviewing, and negotiating of contracts is a lengthy task – with drafts being sent back and forth, and new versions being created constantly. This is all to ensure a thorough review of contracts, but it can be extremely tedious and time-consuming. And more often than not, these crucial tasks need to be completed in a timely fashion.

ContractPodAi’s new tool, Express Contract Collaborator, helps to speed up your contract negotiation and adjustments. As one of the core features of our contract lifecycle management (CLM) system, it allows legal teams to negotiate, update, and finalize contracts without leaving the platform to make changes offline.

Download our datasheet today to learn more about the benefits of Express Contract Collaborator:

  • Controlled access to contracts and related documents depending on users’ roles and permissions
  • Real-time collaboration and negotiation between internal and external users
  • Better governance and transparency in contract negotiation process

Make your legal team more efficient and effective than ever before. With ContractPodAi’s Express Contract Collaborator, get ‘more for less’ – more impact, less stress. Download our datasheet today to find out more.


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