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Whether a Solicitation
or a Response,
An RFP is Serious Business

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Issuing an RFP outlining the requirements for a specific business need should be a multi-step process including a thorough legal review. Responding to an RFP request can also have serious implications for your company, so legal scrutiny prior to submission is mandatory.

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RFP Obligations Can be Unfavorable & Often Non-negotiable

Managing the legal review aspect of RFP processes - both buy-side and sell-side - can be a complex process. Obligations defined in an RFP can bind your business to unfavorable and often non-negotiable terms. So, it is up to your in-house legal team to mitigate potential RFP risk, whether your organization is responding to, or issuing the RFP.
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Mitigate Potential RFP Risk, Buy-side & Sell-Side

ContractPodAi Cloud’s RFP Review Management application automates and streamlines every critical step in RFP issuance and review. The application’s advanced AI capability recommends workflows to help you save time and cost - associated with manual labor - while mitigating potential risk associated with participating in buy-side and sell-side RFPs.

The Power of One

The Power of One

Experience the industry’s only legal platform featuring user-friendly screens, which step you through the initiation to resolution of every challenge, every use case and every document.


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Request & Assign Reviews

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Extract RFP Data

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Search & Organize RFP's

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Monitor & Analyze

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Upload RFP Documents for Review

Manage your RFPs by first uploading documents for MSA-legal term, private tender/bid, and public tender bid. You can customize document intake forms in the RFP Review Management application, to quickly collect and organize information that is relevant to your business and its RFP process.
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Request & Assign Reviews

Once documents are uploaded to the platform, you can use ContractPodAi Cloud’s RFP application to request a review, assign reviewers, and track the progress using the task manager.
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Extract RFP Data Through Ai

ContractPodAi Cloud’s advanced AI extracts key information for every RFP document uploaded to the system. You can then quickly access obligations and provisions included in every RFP, buy-side or sell-side. The application also enables you to automatically generate custom commentary for each provision to guide your reviewers.
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Highlight Key Text

The RFP Review Management application lets you open RFP documents in the document viewer to find line-by-line analyses of key provisions. You can then identify where each provision is and view associated commentary alongside the open document.
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Search & Organize RFPs

ContractPodAi RFP application automatically generates an RFP repository and organizes data by key fields, including data, vendor, review status, and more. You can also use the platform’s advanced Cognitive Search functionality to locate RFPs according to metadata and document text.
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Monitor & Analyze RFP Reviews

The RFP application enables you and your in-house legal team to generate custom reports and dashboards to easily track RFP review and vendor relationships.
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