Legal AI Assistant and Contract Lifecycle Management

Step into the future of legal and leverage the power of AI to solve critical use cases, optimize operational efficiency, and stay ahead of change.

Our contracting used to take 2+ weeks to signature before ContractPodAi. Now we are seeing contracts go from creation to signature in as fast as 10 minutes.
Norine Quick-Lindberg
Corporate Counsel for Indirect Procurement and IT, Land O’ Lakes

Leah: Your Generative AI-Powered Legal Assistant

Be future-ready with Leah Legal Copilot. Brought to you by the AI experts at ContractPodAi, Leah helps corporations and law firms be more impactful without compromise. Leah’s powerful and secure GenAI capabilities will transform how legal services are delivered.

AI-Driven Contract Lifecycle Management

Maximize the value of your critical business relationships. Use ContractPodAi’s intuitive CLM platform to take charge of the end-to-end contract management process and tap into robust analytics to streamline operations, accelerate growth, and eliminate risks.

Enterprise Legal Intake

Get your legal intake requests organized with our out-of-the-box legal intake solution. Quickly streamline intake processes and automate tasks to boost productivity. Turn disorder into organized control.

Unique Customer Results

ContractPodAi supports a remarkable 26% surge in annual ROI alongside heightened revenue through its advanced contract automation capabilities.

ContractPodAi enables translation for agreements in over 60 languages with the click of a button.

reduce negotiation time by an average of an hour

ContractPodAi reduces negotiation time by an average of one hour per contract.


Don’t go at it alone, our transformative services and customer experience team leverages industry best practices to get you where you want to be – faster.

‘The implementation and use of the ContractPodAi software has been practically effortless.’

Contract Manager, Utilities Firm

How to Choose a Contract Management Solution

Need to choose a contract management solution? Get started with this guide to the CLM market landscape and ‘how to’ to define your needs.

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