Legal Operations

Unlock Operational Excellence

Empower Your Legal Team with GenAI

Harness the capabilities of generative AI, contract management, or legal intake to streamline workflows, mitigate risks, and enhance compliance. Experience the next level of legal technology to propel your legal operations forward.

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

Designed with your needs in mind, our tools are here to revolutionize how you work. Imagine centralized contract management, personalized legal guidance, and automated request handling at your fingertips, all geared toward simplifying your workload and freeing up your time.

Mitigated Risks and Enhanced Compliance

Elevate Your Legal Ops Game with Cutting-Edge Risk Management and Compliance Tools. With AI-powered features like smart contract reviews, centralized legal document hubs, and automated workflows, you're equipped to tackle risks head-on. Boost your legal ops and drive your team towards unparalleled success.

Elevated Strategic Contribution

Don't just change the game for legal ops; rewrite the rulebook. Gone are the days of playing catch-up; you're leading the charge as a strategic partner within your organization. Personalized legal assistance tailored to your team's needs, processes so streamlined they practically run themselves, and insights so data-driven, they're like having a crystal ball for decision-making.


Get an end-to-end legal operations view to help you streamline processes, mitigate risks, and optimize efficiency.

Legal Concierge logo

Legal Concierge

Quick legal insights
Legal Dashboard logo

Legal Dashboard

Visualize legal requests instantly
Legal Data is Enterprise Data logo

Legal Data is Enterprise Data

Elevate contract data for strategic decisions
Legal Intake Insights logo

Legal Intake Insights

Real-time request insights
Legal Ops Insights logo

Legal Ops Insights

Elevate operational data
Legal Support logo

Legal Support

Seamless legal assistance
Automate Legal Request logo

Automate Legal Request

Effortless legal request initiation
Draft Legal Summaries logo

Draft Legal Summaries

Efficient case summarization

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Hays Recruiting testimonial
“Since we have implemented ContractPodAi, we have gotten a lot of positive feedback about the way [we] can tailor agreements to the specific needs of the customers.”

Jeremy Korch, Assistant GC and Director of Contracts, NA, Hays Recruiting

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Whether you are looking to solve a specific challenge or need a full service legal platform.

Meet Leah, Legal AI

A powerful, vertical GenAI solution for lawyers. Leah is your go-to-solution for legal projects and tasks.

Leah Legal

Contract Management

Your always on legal assistant ready to help you with contract review, elevate important data and get your everyday questions answered easily.

Contract Management

Legal Intake

Like a welcoming front door, Legal Intake gives employees an easy way to request legal advice or self-serve.

Legal Intake
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