Regulatory Compliance

Streamlined Contracts for the Healthcare Industry.

Speed up the creation, review, and execution of contracts in the health-care industry, to ensure agreements are delivered in a precise and timely manner.

Maximize best-in-class capabilities

By leveraging features and functionalities — embedded with industry-leading, AI-powered technology — you can have more visibility and control over your supplier agreements.

Risk Scoring of Contract Terms

Assess and score the risk level of payor contracts against your tailored playbook, and receive a snapshot of your overall risk profile to better understand and manage contractual risk.

Advanced Reporting & Visual Analytics

Customize reports and dashboards that display important payor contract information to provide executives with visibility into contractual data while identifying opportunities to increase margins.

Complete Contract Visibility

Gain more insight into contract details and maintain control across agreements to handle higher client contract volumes and manage a high-value supply chain.

Resolve contract challenges

With AI and automation, you can overcome contracting pains, like the lack of productivity leading to higher costs and lower margins; burdensome tracking of supplier obligations leading to less fulfillment; and poor visibility into supplier contracts leading to delayed negotiations.

Fully Automated Workflows

Automate and streamline contract workflows to create more supplier and patient agreements and ensure their alignment with legally approved language and rules for compliance.

Immediate Contract Searchability

Quickly retrieve contracts and related legal documents and easily search the contents of agreements to increase negotiating power and governance.

Central Contract Repository

Use a repository for all contracts — with built-in version management, hierarchy mapping, audit logs, and advanced search — to speed up retrieval of agreements, elevate governance, and increase negotiating power.

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Hays Recruiting testimonial
“Since we have implemented ContractPodAi, we have gotten a lot of positive feedback about the way [we] can tailor agreements to the specific needs of the customers.”

Jeremy Korch, Assistant GC and Director of Contracts, NA, Hays Recruiting

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