Legal Intake

Stop the intake struggle with a smooth and efficient workflow.

Automate your enterprise legal requests from start to finish.

From chaos to control.

Legal intake gets legal out of a silo and into the business.

Create Requests

Don't gatekeep legal.

Empower your organization with easy access to legal.

Users can create requests from the Legal Intake app, but to make it even more simple, they can access all the capabilities from Microsoft Outlook, Google Mail.

Facilitate easy legal request submission with guided forms and templates, ensuring accuracy and completeness.

Business teams will appreciate easy, streamlined access to legal services, with faster response times due to the automation of requests.

Automate & Centralize

Expedite requests.

… and this is not about just expediting requests. Before you start the legal work, you need to get through the legal requests.

Route legal requests and questions to the right resource automatically—based on need and priority.

Easily configure and customize workflows based on your legal and business requirements.

Store all requests, data and communications in the Smart Repository, for easy access and advanced functionality.

Seamlessly integrate with other enterprise systems like CLM, HR, and CRM to automate processes from start to finish.

ContractPodAi makes it easy to purchase or sell services.
"It’s an advantage to have a system that not only bridges (contract management) gaps, but also has a user-friendly interface."
Head of Legal
Oil Transportation and Storage Firm (Europe)


Automatically sync documents — along with their metadata and vendor information —between these buy-side apps and our One Legal Platform.

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Enterprise resource ...
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Cloud-based procurem...
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Cloud platform for b...
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Global software prov...
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Multinational comput...

Content Management

Directly import your documents into our platform and instantly save them in your OneDrive, Dropbox, or G-Drive account — to eliminate the need to download, save, and upload documents more than once.

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Cloud content manage...
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File hosting service...
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Web-based collaborat...
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Net Documents

Cloud-based document...


Simply create new legal and post-activation requests, search our smart repository, and edit existing requests — all from within Word, Gmail, or Outlook. And upload documents as new versions — or attachments — quickly and seamlessly.

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Suite of cloud compu...
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Microsoft's email, c...
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Free email service d...
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Widely used word pro...


Easily create contracts and other legal documents in either platform, and automatically save and consolidate them in our smart repository. Then streamline your sales process while ensuring documents are centralized, secure, and available to your legal team.

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Adobe Sign

Cloud-based e-signat...
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Comprehensive custom...
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Microsoft Dynamics

Line of enterprise r...
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All-in-one inbound m...
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Electronic signature...


Think global by having an integrated contract management system but provide local language support to your offices in other regions by catering to users’ user experience preferences.

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Google Translate

Free multilingual ne...
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Amazon Translate

Neural machine trans...
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Microsoft (Translations)

Machine translation ...

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