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Software Integrations

Work Anywhere, Anytime, With Any App

ContractPodAi Cloud integrates seamlessly with complementary SaaS applications and cutting-edge tech stacks. Work quicker and more intelligently by streamlining end-to-end operations, leveraging in-app e-signing capabilities, and tracking all legal obligations. Ensure continuous app access while maintaining overall security.

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Productivity Integrations

Access ContractPodAi Cloud’s best-in-class capabilities and updates, without leaving your Microsoft Word document, or Gmail or Outlook inboxes. Simply create new legal and post-activation requests, search our smart repository, and edit existing requests — all from within Word, Gmail, or Outlook. And upload documents as new versions — or attachments — quickly and seamlessly.

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Sales-Side Integrations

Leverage ContractPodAi Cloud’s key features and functionalities, while working within Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics. Easily create contracts and other legal documents in either platform, and automatically save and consolidate them in our smart repository. Then streamline your sales process while ensuring documents are centralized, secure, and available to your legal team.

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Buy-Side Integrations

Integrate procurement management solutions — like Coupa, SAP, SAP Ariba, IVALUA, and Oracle, with ContractPodAi Cloud — and automate the creation of RFQs, contracts, and other legal documents based on procurement process events. Automatically sync documents — along with their metadata and vendor information —between these buy-side apps and our One Legal Platform. Then streamline your contracting with built-in workflows, ensuring the efficient and effective turnover of agreements. Finally, store and manage all your documents — generated in either system — in our centralized repository, for quick contractual insights.

Content Management Integrations

Automatically synchronize your contacts and other legal documents — between ContractPodAi Cloud and OneDrive, Dropbox, or G-Drive. Directly import your documents into our platform and instantly save them in your OneDrive, Dropbox, or G-Drive account — to eliminate the need to download, save, and upload documents more than once. 

Collaboration and Communication Integrations

By integrating our AI-powered One Legal Platform with popular systems and apps, you can not only streamline contract and legal document management, but also automate collaboration and communication between legal and sales. As a result, bring together teams throughout the entire contracting process, while incorporating legal processes across the organization. Accelerate the business and unlock the value of a modern, connected enterprise.

E-Signature Integrations

Integrate the latest e-signing capabilities, like DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and Signicat, with ContractPodAi Cloud — and add e-signature request notifications to your workflows. Then expedite the entire e-signature process by having all your contracts and other legal documents signed — and finalized — quickly and effectively.

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