'Thanks Leah'

It’s hard not to fall in love with enterprise-ready, legal AI.

Trained by lawyers for deep discovery, complex analysis, and key insights.

Generative AI Legal Platform

Beyond generative AI, Leah is trained specifically for legal.

Built by legal analysts, powered by AI. Leah’s legal framework delivers in-depth legal analysis, not just conversation.

Multiple Large Language Models

Leah leverages multiple advanced pre-trained large language models to ensure depth, velocity and scale based on task and operational performance.

Legal Expertise

Leah has undergone thorough training and testing to ensure legal precision and compliance. Resulting in a domain-specific powerhouse.

Embedded Frameworks

Each of Leah’s models are pre-configured with frameworks and capabilities that make Leah ready-to-use for legal use cases.


Custom Models

Build a Custom Model

What sets Leah apart is not just the use of specialized embedded frameworks but the ability to customize models.

Customize Leah

Leah is trained for legal, but the next step is tailoring to your specific contract language, extraction, and discovery use cases. With Leah, you can go that next step with ease—expand Leah to accommodate your organization’s unique legal nuances or industry-specific regulations. 

Guided Model Builder

Effortlessly onboard new models—our intuitive guided model builder and GenAI capabilities help you add or edit models to align with your organization’s specifications—exponentially increasing Leah’s intelligence. 

Publish and Go

Once you’ve created your model, you can publish it (with permissions), and the new model will be available and accessible in your Leah application.

Ethics & Guardrails

Leah is your partner in doing what's right.

AI Ethics

Employ trustworthy ethical AI to responsibly enhance business outcomes, ensuring AI’s power is harnessed for good.

Leverage Precedents

Utilize existing legal precedents and standardization to streamline processes, avoiding unnecessary reinvention.

Measure & Improve

Continuously assess and elevate performance, driving innovation by benchmarking against industry standards and peer achievements.

ContractPodAi Offers A Great Product And A Great Experience
"Our overall experience has been great. The implementation team has been so easy to work with, helping us with every question, offering advice on best practices, etc. The AI feature that allows us to quickly identify non-compliant language in third party contracts is great as is the risk score that ContractPodAi applies built on our parameters.​"
Director of Procurement​
Data Security

Your information matters to Leah.

Keeping Your Data Secure

Leah employs cutting-edge encryption and comprehensive firewall protection, safeguarding your data against unauthorized access and cyber threats.

Protecting Customer Data

We prioritize the security of your information, implementing stringent measures to ensure that your data remains confidential and protected at all times.

Dedicated Data Isolation

Dedicated cloud compute and multi-tenancy architecture ensure that every client’s data remains separate and secure, preventing any cross-contamination during AI model training.

What you need when you need it with on-demand and end-to-end legal apps.

Whether you are looking to solve a specific challenge or need a full service legal platform.

Meet Leah, Legal AI

A powerful, vertical GenAI solution for lawyers. Leah is your go-to-solution for legal projects and tasks.

Leah Legal

Contract Management

Your always on legal assistant ready to help you with contract review, elevate important data and get your everyday questions answered easily.

Contract Management

Legal Intake

Like a welcoming front door, Legal Intake gives employees an easy way to request legal advice or self-serve.

Legal Intake
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