Contract Lifecycle Management, Redefined.

Strike the right balance of managing obligations, mitigating risks, and driving business growth.

Modern, intuitive AI-powered end-to-end contract management solution.

What do you get when you combine end-to-end contract management with powerful AI?

An effortlessly efficient process that defies expectations.

End-to-End CLM

Contract Management, Your Way

Maximize the value of your critical business relationships—take charge of your contract management process and streamline operations, accelerate growth and reduce risk.

AI-Powered CLM

Harness the power of GenAI to transform contract management. Automate routine tasks, unlock insights, and enable your legal team to focus on high-value, strategic work.

Automate Processes

Streamline your operations by automating everything from contract creation and analysis to enterprise-wide business processes, including sales, procurement, and other key functions.

Reduce Risk

Safeguard your business with proactive risk mitigation. Automate contract workflows and ensure compliance across sales, procurement, and other critical functions.

Contract Creation & Automation

Streamline the contracting process across your organization.

Deliver business teams with self-service templates, pre-approved clause libraries and intuitive workflows to generate standard contracts independently.

Enable cross-functional collaboration across the contract lifecycle with collaborative tools for creating, negotiating, executing, and renewing contracts—ensuring smooth stakeholder experience at every step.

Automate contracting processes for legal teams and their business users across processes and systems with no-code, low code Workflow Designer.

Centralize & Store Contracts

Become ultra efficient with one source of truth for your contracts.

Store your contracts and contract data in our intuitive Smart Repository.

Gain complete oversight of your contracts in a single, secure repository. Effortlessly search, filter, and access documents anytime.

Eliminate time-consuming contract searches and administrative tasks. Give your teams time to focus on strategic analysis, proactive renewals, and revenue-generating activities.

Mitigate risks with a comprehensive audit trail, automated alerts for key dates, and effortless reporting for internal and external audits.

AI-Powered Negotiations

Transform your Contract Negotiations with Leah, Legal GenAI.

Get GenAI assistance within your CLM.

Leah One Drop instantly analyzes your contracts and creates a record. Leah identifies key clauses, compares them to your historical data, and surfaces relevant insights for faster, more informed negotiations.

Leah highlights favorable language from your past agreements, suggests data-backed counterpoints, and alerts you to potential risks based on your established legal framework.

Get proactive guidance based on successful past negotiations. Leah suggests clauses, terms, and redlines aligned with your company’s objectives and proven strategies.

Get insight into all your vendor and customer contract data with Party Insights. Leah accelerates your negotiations with real-time data powered by predictive analytics, served up in a visual dashboard.

Security & Compliance

Ensure your contract data is secure.

Your contracts are more than documents—they’re the lifeblood of your business. We prioritize the security and compliance of your contract data.

Our platform implements advanced security measures, including encryption, to protect your contract data from unauthorized access and cyber threats.

We follow strict industry rules and regulations (GDPR, SOC 2, and ISO 27001) to ensure your data is protected and compliant with legal standards.

With our role-based access controls, you decide who can see and change contract info. This means only the right people have access to sensitive data.

Our system keeps a detailed record of all changes and user activity. This helps you stay compliant with regulations and keeps your data transparent and accountable.

The implementation and use of the ContractPodAi software has been practically effortless.
"Our implementation contact was a pleasure to work with. She happily walked my team through the implementation process … and thoroughly explained each step of the process and each area of the software. … Overall, (ContractPodAi) was a great help."
Contract Manager
Utilities Firm
Data & Analytics

Unlock the power of your legal data.

AI-Driven Insights

Transform raw contract data into actionable insights. Enable legal teams and business leaders with AI-powered analytics, reporting tools, and proactive alerts to optimize decision-making.

Executive Dashboards

Gain real-time insights with pre-built dashboards tailored to executives and decision-makers. Track key metrics, anticipate trends, and support informed decisions at a glance.

Reporting & Data

Dive deep into your data with comprehensive reporting tools facilitating seamless operational reviews and strategic planning.

Leah, our GenAI, is ready to help you accomplish more with less time.

Draft Contracts logo

Draft Contracts

Expert contract drafting
AI-Powered CLM logo

AI-Powered CLM

Streamline operations with AI
End to End CLM logo

End to End CLM

Comprehensive contract lifecycle management
Integrations (CLM) logo

Integrations (CLM)

Seamless integration capabilities
Contract Analytics logo

Contract Analytics

Actionable data insights
Redraft Contract logo

Redraft Contract

Efficient contract redrafting
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Leah Helpdesk

Instant legal and compliance help


Automatically sync documents — along with their metadata and vendor information —between these buy-side apps and our One Legal Platform.

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Cloud-based procurem...
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Content Management

Directly import your documents into our platform and instantly save them in your OneDrive, Dropbox, or G-Drive account — to eliminate the need to download, save, and upload documents more than once.

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Cloud content manage...
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File hosting service...
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Web-based collaborat...
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Net Documents

Cloud-based document...


Simply create new legal and post-activation requests, search our smart repository, and edit existing requests — all from within Word, Gmail, or Outlook. And upload documents as new versions — or attachments — quickly and seamlessly.

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Suite of cloud compu...
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Microsoft's email, c...
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Free email service d...
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Widely used word pro...


Easily create contracts and other legal documents in either platform, and automatically save and consolidate them in our smart repository. Then streamline your sales process while ensuring documents are centralized, secure, and available to your legal team.

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Adobe Sign

Cloud-based e-signat...
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Comprehensive custom...
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Microsoft Dynamics

Line of enterprise r...
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All-in-one inbound m...
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Electronic signature...


Think global by having an integrated contract management system but provide local language support to your offices in other regions by catering to users’ user experience preferences.

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Google Translate

Free multilingual ne...
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Amazon Translate

Neural machine trans...
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Microsoft (Translations)

Machine translation ...

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