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Leah is secure, legally trained GenAI.

Get help with everyday tasks and projects, saving your valuable time. Leah is ready whenever you need her.

Imagine having your own personalized GenAI assistant. Leah’s designed for your legal work, helping you be your best every day.

Leah incorporates ethical guardrails and rigorous testing, so you can work with confidence. Her actions align with your organization’s standards, fostering trust in AI solutions.

Leah's Legal Modules

It's easier than ever for legal departments to get ahead.

Set a new pace—start with one or two modules. Then add more.

Choose from a growing library of specialized legal modules. Each is expertly designed with cutting-edge GenAI and rigorously tested for maximum accuracy.

Leah’s modules are powered by tailored frameworks for specific legal tasks. This ensures efficiency and reliable results for your unique workflow.

Go beyond standard solutions! Leah integrates custom models to address your team’s specific needs and challenges.

Track GenAI Usage & ROI

Maximize Your GenAI Impact.

Leah’s Impact dashboards provide a complete picture of your GenAI adoption and its value. Gain valuable insights into your GenAI investment with Leah’s Impact.

Track who is using Leah when, and for what specific tasks. Discover trends in GenAI adoption across different teams and projects. This visibility empowers you to identify areas for training, resource allocation, and GenAI expansion.

Quantify productivity gains, time savings, and cost reductions directly attributed to GenAI. Calculate the return on your GenAI investment to inform future decisions.

What I like best is the flexibility of the platform
"[…] reducing the time and effort required to search for contracts and search for text within contracts."
Hospital & Health Care

Leah's Legal Modules

It’s easier than ever for legal departments to get ahead.

Set a new pace—start with one or two modules. Then add more.

Leah Extract logo

Leah Extract

Quick, precise data extraction
Leah Redline logo

Leah Redline

GenAI-powered contract review
Leah Discovery logo

Leah Discovery

Comprehensive legal analysis
Leah Deal logo

Leah Deal

Optimize M&A workflows
Leah Claim logo

Leah Claim

Streamline claims processing
Leah Playbook logo

Leah Playbook

Dynamic, customizable contract playbooks
Leah Helpdesk logo

Leah Helpdesk

Instant legal and compliance help
Leah Draft logo

Leah Draft

Expert contract drafting in minutes

She's everywhere. Engage with Leah across our entire suite of solutions

Whether you are looking to solve a specific challenge or need a full service legal platform.

Meet Leah, Legal AI

A powerful, vertical GenAI solution for lawyers. Leah is your go-to-solution for legal projects and tasks.

Leah Legal

Contract Management

Your always on legal assistant ready to help you with contract review, elevate important data and get your everyday questions answered easily.

Contract Management

Legal Intake

Like a welcoming front door, Legal Intake gives employees an easy way to request legal advice or self-serve.

Legal Intake
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