Leah Discovery

Find the needle in the haystack.

Tired of endless hours buried in legal documents? Discover critical patterns and insights in seconds with Leah Discovery.

Leah Discovery

Leah was trained for this. She is legal GenAI.

Accelerate your analysis from days to hours with Leah Discovery.  Unlock critical patterns and insights with unprecedented efficiency. It’s the perfect tool for in-depth legal analysis on large-scale projects.

Deep Analysis

Leah is advanced GenAI designed to deeply analyze data and uncover patterns across documents, providing cross-file sourcing and citations for enhanced transparency and accuracy.

Customizable for Your Needs

Tailor Leah to your specific requirements and preferences. Train Leah for your discovery use cases.

Speed and Accuracy

Leah can analyze your legal documents, identify patterns, and provide valuable insights with unparalleled speed and accuracy, turning hours of manual review into a simple click or prompt.

Leah Discovery delivers.

She empowers legal teams by enhancing efficiency, insight discovery, and decision-making confidence.

Multi-File Deep Analysis logo

Multi-File Deep Analysis

Comprehensive multi document analysis
Complex Multi-Query Analysis logo

Complex Multi-Query Analysis

In-depth query analysis
Custom Models logo

Custom Models

Tailored AI models
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Ethics & Guardrails

Ethical compliance guidance

Why Choose Leah Discovery?

Leah accelerates your review process

Get the insights you need to make informed decisions.

Leah’s meticulous analysis uncovers critical information that might otherwise be missed.

Rest assured that Leah’s insights are backed by legal expertise and ethical guardrails.

She's everywhere. Engage with Leah across our entire suite of solutions

Whether you are looking to solve a specific challenge or need a full service legal platform.

Meet Leah, Legal AI

A powerful, vertical GenAI solution for lawyers. Leah is your go-to-solution for legal projects and tasks.

Leah Legal

Contract Management

Your always on legal assistant ready to help you with contract review, elevate important data and get your everyday questions answered easily.

Contract Management

Legal Intake

Like a welcoming front door, Legal Intake gives employees an easy way to request legal advice or self-serve.

Legal Intake
Now, see Leah in action.

A few minutes might just change everything.