About Us

Legal Reimagined - Step into the future of legal.

Today, you're not just keeping pace, you're setting it with Leah; your trusted Gen AI legal platform from ContractPodAi.

About Us

Shaping the Future of Legal

Transforming legal departments to be GenAI powerhouses

ContractPodAi offers the latest in Generative AI to fuel your legal use cases, contract lifecycle management, and legal intake. Here, we don’t just automate tasks; we redefine them, empowering you to be more strategic, identify hidden patterns and risks, and access on-demand guidance that puts you a step ahead. Transform routine legal work and reshape your business, reinvent your workflows, and recharge your ROI. This is a new day for your every day. This is Legal Reimagined.™​

Our Mission

Recognized as a Visionary by Gartner in 2021, 2022, and 2023, ContractPodAi is lawyer-led and AI-powered. Our mission is to revolutionize the way legal teams, law firms, and individuals analyze, author, and manage documents on an unprecedented scale. Headquartered in London, ContractPodAi® empowers teams across the world—in New York, Glasgow, San Francisco, Toronto, Sydney, Mumbai, Pune, and more.

The ContractPodAi Journey

Since 2015, headquartered in London, UK, we’ve rapidly advanced in the legal tech landscape. By 2017, we partnered with IBM Watson for our AI platform and expanded to New York City in 2018. Securing Insight Partners in 2019 accelerated our growth. In 2020, we achieved record-breaking milestones in customer acquisition and revenue growth. 2021 saw the launch of ContractPodAi Cloud and a significant funding round with SoftBank. Introducing Leah, our AI Legal Assistant, in 2023 solidified our commitment to innovation. Moving forward, we continue to redefine legal technology.

Our Partners

Partnering with the Best

Legal teams intent on digitally transforming need solution providers who connect, adapt, and partner for success. ContractPodAi is building this partner ecosystem giving you options. We partnered with the world’s top technology, legal services, and integration providers – to bring you the best offerings to meet your needs. Whether it is technology, services, or integration capabilities – we have you covered.

Quality Product With A Receptive And Helpful Team
"Good quality product bringing a lot of feature[s] together that aren't always available in a single platform."
Head of Legal
Meet the Team

Our Leadership

Sarvarth Misra
Robert Glennie
Viraj Chaudhary
Anurag Malik
Atena Reyhani
Edward Chick
Deirdre Leone
Anna Burke
Rokisha Lewis
Rohit Chhabra
Simon McCarthy
Matt Gould
Mark Langsbury
Jerry Levine
Steve Ive
Michael Thome

Join Our Growing Team

ContractPodAi is growing at a rapid pace and looking for new colleagues to join our offices in New York, Glasgow, San Francisco, Toronto, Sydney, Mumbai, Pune, and more. To apply or request more information regarding these positions, please send an email to careers@contractpodai.com.