Webinar: Avoiding Common Errors in CLM Implementation

Discover strategies to avoid mistakes during the implementation of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) from industry experts. Watch the webinar now.

Avoiding Common Errors in CLM Implementation – Strategies for Success

An increasing number of legal professionals are acknowledging the importance of integrating contract lifecycle management (CLM) systems and are well on their path to doing so. However, the selection of a CLM solution often presents a significant challenge in itself: the implementation process. The successful implementation of CLM can either make or break the digital transformation strategy of a legal department.

Watch our webinar with Simon McCarthy, Vice President of Enterprise Transformation and Jerry Levine, Chief Evangelist and GC, to learn about:

  • Insights from real-life implementation experiences, highlighting the mistakes made, the opportunities seized, and the lessons learned throughout the CLM implementation journey
  • An understanding of the four primary pitfalls to maneuver as you embark on your own CLM implementation journey
  • An overview of alternative approaches that can be employed to prevent these mistakes from occurring


Simon McCarthy
VP, Enterprise Transformation at ContractPodAi

Simon is a recognized leader in the Contract Lifecycle Management space with 12 years of experience. He has delivered over 100 CLM implementations and has a deep knowledge of the legal technology marketplace. Simon previously served as Director of Product Management at both Exari and Coupa. Most recently he was Director of Contracting Transformation Services at KPMG UK where he led the CLM consulting services and implementation teams.

Jerry Levine
Chief Evangelist and GC at ContractPodAi

As a former global general counsel and Corporate Secretary at Amelia (IPsoft) – and a ContractPodAi customer, himself – he successfully implemented ContractPodAi within IPsoft’s legal department. Jerry also held leadership and consulting positions at both publicly and privately held companies, including Axiom and LexisNexis. He also founded a start-up focused law firm. As a leader in legal design thinking, he has been committed to helping legal professionals become “awesome lawyers” and strategic organizational leads – to drive results and increase market share for businesses.

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