Webinar: Explore the Potential of Generative AI in Legal

Embrace the Future: Explore the Potential of Generative AI in Legal

Watch our webinar on-demand for an introduction to Generative AI for law firms and corporate legal teams. Find out how GenAI can transform day-to-day tasks from reviewing, summarizing, and drafting legal documents to quickly finding key data and terms.

During this session, our experts:

  • Discuss the overarching value and benefits of GenAI for law firms and legal professionals.
  • Highlight use cases where GenAI can have an immediate impact.
  • Discuss how to select solutions specifically for legal practice.
  • Share best practices to ensure accuracy and ethical use.

The highlight of the session? Meet Leah, our Legal Copilot, and witness the power of Generative AI first-hand. Watch now.


Jessica King
Senior Director, Sales Engineering

Jerry Levine
Chief Evangelist & General Counsel

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Now, see Leah in action.

A few minutes might just change everything.