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Legal Readiness is Business Readiness

The new ContractPodAi Cloud gives you complete visibility, command, and control over the legal lifecycle of your business. We help in-house counsel handle every challenge, every use case, and every scenario - all in one legal platform.


You can quickly manage any legal scenario in seconds by easily deploying our platform’s pre-built applications like best-in-class contract lifecycle management (CLM). Or create your own custom application in minutes. You’ll be ready for anything—contracts, transactions, claims, disputes, litigations and more.


It all starts with contracting, the lifeblood of your business and the namesake of ours. We’ve built a reputation as the leader in CLM for a reason, and now we’re raising the bar. Our intuitive CLM platform sets a new, Ai-powered standard for easy-to-use templates and automated workflows that streamline contracting and keep you 100% compliant. End to end. Buy side and sell side. For legal and non-legal users alike.

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The Whole

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When it comes to legal documents, every detail matters. Volume, velocity, and complexity can make it hard to track, much less manage, the contracts flowing through your organization. Our contract automation technology was developed by software and legal experts to help you see the totality of your contract database. This gives you the visibility to quickly understand, decide and act with confidence. You’ll go from start to signature in record time.

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Do More:
Master Your Workflows

Contracting is often a slow, manual and complex process. This places undue pressure on under-resourced organizations and delays deal flow. ContractPodAi simplifies the complexities of contract management, automating mundane tasks and reinventing complicated workflows to free up resources. Our intelligent platform makes the entire contract lifecycle easier, more efficient and more effective for everyone.

Contract Workflow

Achieve More:
Scale Without Limits

Our legal transformation specialists take a phased, end-to-end approach to contract lifecycle management implementation that’s carefully planned and configured to your organization’s exact needs. So you’ll realize immediate value. And as your team becomes more familiar with ContractPodAi software, value scales as you tap the unlimited upside of our industry-leading Ai functionality—at no additional cost.

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Extend In-house
Legal’s Influence

ContractPodAi helps your team to do more, and do it better, in less time. We’ll help unify your organization with complete contract lifecycle management, from a library of contract templates simplified for any user to fully integrated electronic signature.

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Stay in Control

Our platform’s legally-minded dashboards generate deep insights to give you total transparency and control, while integrating diverse teams and technologies through a centralized contract database. Applying our advanced legal automation tools lets you focus your natural abilities and intelligence on higher-level problem solving to extend your influence. You’ll shape your company, not just its contracts.

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Manage Contracts
as Assets

Contracts not only define a company’s value, but also its obligations and risk. ContractPodAi gives in-house legal the comprehensive legal technology and ongoing support to command the entire CLM process. Our platform helps your team manage contracts as strategic assets, so you can drive business value through better outcomes.

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Not All CLMS are Alike

ContractPodAi manages every contract type—buy side or sell side—and this versatility maximizes your technology investment. Our talented training and support teams are highly responsive and nimble, engineering the platform to your best advantage. And we’re the only CLM partner in the industry bringing the power and intelligence of IBM Watson to contracting.

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Microsoft Azure

The Company
We Keep

We’re proud to partner with the world’s leading Ai and cloud storage partners, IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure. In concert with other business-critical integrations like and DocuSign, ContractPodAi’s partnerships form a strong foundation for legal transformation through contract lifecycle management.

Trusted by the Best

Legal teams from leaders in every industry, and from across the globe, trust ContractPodAi not just to maximize the potential of legal tech for their contract management systems—but to maximize their competitive advantage.

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