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What is Contract Lifecycle Management?

Have you wondered what Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) actually means?

Have you wondered what Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) actually means? Let us explain and discover why leading organizations leverage CLM to digitally transform their legal department and company.

Efficiency, Control, and Strategic Insight

Generally speaking, CLM is the management of an organization’s contracts

from development, negotiation, and execution to performance, analysis, and renewal or expiry.

Our AI-powered legal solutions can transform how you manage and respond to new and changing regulations.

In any mid- or large-sized company, there is tremendous pressure on the legal department to stay on top of the organization’s contracts. Consider all of the legal and financial risks and obligations that may exist in just one agreement — or tens of thousands of agreements. Because contracts are so fundamental to driving revenue — the very ‘lifeblood’ of modern companies — the process of managing them are crucial to operations. CLM not only helps ensure that agreements are signed in a timely manner, but also makes certain that obligations are met and contractual opportunities are not missed.

More specifically, contract lifecycle management helps legal and other teams draft agreements efficiently, locate them quickly, and assess their risks and obligations accurately. However, the most effective CLM also involves gathering contractual data needed to advise on the overall health of the business. Without it, organizations could miss expiration or key milestones, and even worse, not realize the full value of every agreement.

Fully Automated Contracting

Automate contract and risk management to increase efficiency, remove human errors, reduce cost exposure, and alleviate the strain on legal, procurement, and sales teams.

Easy Obligation Tracking

Easily retrieve delivery obligations in supplier contracts and assign tasks to business owners with the help of artificial intelligence—to track and make good on deliverables.

Complete Contract Visibility

Gain more insight into contract details and maintain control across all agreements to handle higher client contract volumes and manage a high-value supply chain.

Why do legal teams depend on CLM Software?

Embedded with AI technology, CLM software allows legal departments and companies to automate — and even accelerate — their contracting processes.

CLM software provides several key features and functionalities:

Smart Repository logo

Smart Repository

One source of truth for all contracts
UX Translation logo

UX Translation

Multi-language support
Self-Service Contract Creation logo

Self-Service Contract Creation

Empower users with self-service tools
Workflow & Approvals logo

Workflow & Approvals

Streamlined approvals
Esignature logo


Integrated eSignature solutions
Cognitive Search logo

Cognitive Search

Effortless contract search
Deepsights logo


AI-powered analytics dashboards
Custom Reports logo

Custom Reports

Tailored reporting solutions


Adobe Sign logo

Adobe Sign

Cloud-based e-signat...
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Comprehensive custom...
Microsoft Dynamics logo

Microsoft Dynamics

Line of enterprise r...
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All-in-one inbound m...
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Electronic signature...

Central Contract Repository

Use a repository for all contracts—with built-in version management, hierarchy mapping, audit logs, and advanced search—to speed up retrieval of agreements, elevate governance, and increase negotiating power.

Automated, Dynamic Workflows

Automate pre-approved workflows, approval processes, and playbooks — for contract types, value thresholds, teams, and regions — to eliminate manual tracking of and follow-up on agreements.

Advanced Reporting & Visual Analytics

Customize reports and dashboards to display pertinent contract information. Gain overall visibility and actionable insights to make strategic, data-driven decisions.