Automated Contract Review

Leverage the analytic power of AI technology to automate and streamline contract review, and proactively manage risk.

Contract Risk & Compliance

ContractPodAi Cloud’s Risk and Compliance (CR&C) feature uses advanced technologies — like artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and deep learning — to assist you with the traditionally time-consuming task of reviewing and approving contracts.

Risk Reduction

All contracts have a certain level of risk. With CR&C, you can review all contracts, assess their level of risk, and ensure they are compliant.  You can be ‘safe’ instead of ‘sorry,’ as the old mantra goes. The key obligations dashboard is elegantly designed — with visual tiles — to help you identify overall risk.

Digital Playbooks

CR&C comes with recommended Key Legal Obligations (KLO) and playbook templates. Our library of KLOs and playbooks were created and evaluated by legal experts for their quality of extraction and compliance. With our Digital Playbooks, you can get up and running quickly.

Advanced Speed

Where AI excels and humans falter is repetition. With AI assistance, you can save time reviewing and approving contracts. Your AI-assistant will go to work — and keep working — freeing you up to focus on more strategic projects, while moving contracts forward and closing deals faster.

Corrective Action

Once the AI highlights the non-compliant obligations, you can use tools and take corrective action right within the application — from replacing language based on your company playbook to editing and deleting clauses. You set the rules and maintain control with approved Digital Playbooks, and you set the permissions around who can take corrective actions.

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