ContractPodAi Deepsights
Unlock the power of your legal data

Deepsights combines the power of artificial intelligence (AI), data-driven insights with out-of-the-box, visual dashboards, delivering predictive analytics in real-time.

So, you and your teams can spend less time finding data and more time using it.

Legal Ops Insights

Elevate key operational data for legal leaders and their teams to make more informed decisions. 

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Legal Intake Insights

Centralized, real-time insight into the volume, type, and status of all your legal requests.

Executive and Board Level Dashboards


The Board dashboard gives both the C-Suite and Board additional visibility into the overall financial health of the organization, based on contract data.

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Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)

This AI-powered dashboard elevates data for legal leaders in real-time, giving legal teams instant insight into the overall health of their contracts and contract data.

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

The CRO dashboard delivers sales leaders deeper insight into the pipeline, elevating late-stage deals in contract negotiations, alongside upcoming renewals and expirations.

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Deepsights CPO dashboard

Chief Procurement Officer (CPO)

A consolidated actionable view into your company’s obligations, spending, and risk. The dashboard highlights top suppliers and overall trends in spending and savings.

Track Progress and Optimize

With Deepsights, our collection of intuitive, visualized dashboards, take the guesswork out of your decisions. Deepsights puts key data at your fingertips, without the headache of staring a spreadsheet or integrating with a Business Intelligence (BI) tool. These easily digestible visuals support smarter, more sophisticated decision-making.

Data-Driven Decisions—Every day

Drive operational excellence with real-time access to your contract data and analytics.  Deepsights transforms large volumes of data into visual dashboards—with key metrics, insights, and advanced filtering so your team can make decisions based on real data.

Legal Data—Enterprise Data

Deepsights unlocks the data in your contract lifecycle management and legal intake applications, elevating data for legal teams and business leaders.  The dashboards deliver persona-based metrics and insights to support tactical and strategic decision making.

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Community Insights—Cohort Data

With Deepsights, you get more than just your data – you get access to our anonymized, aggregated ContractPodAi customer data side-by-side with your cohorts for comparison and benchmarking.


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