Leah Redline

Save time for bigger things.

Harness Legal GenAI for contract negotiations.

Leah Redline

Don't just keep up, set the pace.

Review contracts with unprecedented speed and accuracy with the GenAI technology that is setting new industry standards.

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Lead with Speed

Accelerate your contract reviews with Leah Redline. Shift from manual to AI-driven speed—make quick work of what used to take hours.

Spot-on Every Time

Navigate contracts with Leah’s precision. Each review is thorough, ensuring your agreements are solid and secure.

Adapts with You

Leah learns your team’s preferences, becoming more intuitive and aligned with each contract, or by customizing Leah’s models enhancing your review process.

Leah Redline is a win-win.

With Leah, boosting your team’s productivity doesn’t mean piling on more work. She streamlines existing work enabling you to tackle more projects without the added pressure.

Redraft Contract logo

Redraft Contract

Efficient contract redrafting
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Word Add-In

Work where you already are
Custom Models logo

Custom Models

Tailored AI models
Modern UX logo

Modern UX

Intuitive user experience
Rules Based Negotiations logo

Rules Based Negotiations

Automated negotiation rules
Precedent-Based Negotiations logo

Precedent-Based Negotiations

Consistent negotiations
Risk & Remediation Report logo

Risk & Remediation Report

Comprehensive risk analysis

Why Choose Leah Redline?

Leah works hard, so you can work smarter.

You can use Leah’s intuitive onboarding to build or customize models for your organizations redlining requirements.

Leah’s meticulous analysis is backed by robust AI and embedded legal frameworks trained by legal analyst and AI experts.

Leah analyzes your contracts inside and out. Surfacing risk and remediation reports.

She's everywhere. Engage with Leah across our entire suite of solutions

Whether you are looking to solve a specific challenge or need a full service legal platform.

Meet Leah, Legal AI

A powerful, vertical GenAI solution for lawyers. Leah is your go-to-solution for legal projects and tasks.

Leah Legal

Contract Management

Your always on legal assistant ready to help you with contract review, elevate important data and get your everyday questions answered easily.

Contract Management

Legal Intake

Like a welcoming front door, Legal Intake gives employees an easy way to request legal advice or self-serve.

Legal Intake
Now, see Leah in action.

A few minutes might just change everything.