Meet Your New AI Legal Assistant, Leah

She is the next generation of legal AI.
She is your assistant, your sidekick, your legal analyst.
She’s super-powered support.

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Let’s Meet Leah

Leah oneDrop

Leah One Drop

Drag-and-drop your contract, and Leah will automatically detect and analyze the agreement to create a record — saving legal teams time and reducing errors.

Leah Insights

Get insight into all your vendor and customer contract data with Leah Insights. Leah accelerates your negotiations with real-time data powered by predictive analytics, served up in a visual dashboard.

contract data leah insights
legal ai assistant

Leah Assist

Leah will guide you through reviews, redlines, and negotiations based on your pre-negotiated contracts, precedents, and playbooks. Leah leverages generative AI technology to predict the best terms and conditions for all your new and recurring negotiations.

Ask Leah

Get help with your contracts with smart prompts and guidance—no need to read the entire agreement (again) or search for a specific clause or date. Just Ask Leah. Rely on Leah for recommendations to make the contract more favorable. You can ask her to clarify or translate a clause. And, if she needs more information, she’ll ask you.

ask Leah to clarify or translate a clause
deep insights dashboard

Leah Deepsights

It’s all in the name. Leah elevates contract data into dashboards so your leadership team can make more informed decisions. She’ll help improve performance across all business functions sales, legal, procurement, marketing, and more. Even better, you get real-time, easy access to your data and can benchmark it against ContractPodAi’s customer data.

Leah Translates

Need to translate your contract quickly into a different language? Leah does it for you with a click of a button.

Leah: Ai Best Practices CLM Framework

Leah represents a generational shift in Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM). She embodies the power of AI to drive positive business impact and create a more fair and balanced approach to enterprise contract management. ContractPodAi’s CLM Framework is built around three fundamental principles.


Ai Ethics

Use AI technology in Artificial intelligence technology in an ethical, trustworthy, and responsible manner to drive better outcomes for businesses.


Leverage Precedents

Leverage precedents and standardization to improve processes, don’t recreate them in contract negotiations with vendors and customers.


Measure & Improve

Measure and improve performance and drive transformation by benchmarking against the market and your peers.

sales making CLM deal

Smarter, Faster Negotiations

Contract negotiations can be tiresome and exhausting, but not with Leah. She analyzes your new contracts, finds comparable contracts, and redlines — she’ll provide you with recommendations.

Live, Real-Time Data

Leah elevates legal data making it easily accessible for legal teams and business users — from streamlining negotiations using vendor analytics to tracking and predicting trends with data and analytics.

Always in the Know

Rest easy. Leah will keep you updated on all important dates and deadlines.

Next Generation Ai

Leah is built in ContractPodAi using best-of-breed AI technologies, including our own proprietary AI, Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson, and OpenAI’s Generative AI technology.


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