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Leah Legal Copilot

Leah is more than hype—she makes it effortlessly simple for you to securely harness the full power of Generative AI. Leah is designed exclusively for legal and compliance use cases.

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A Powerful Solution, Built For You

Leah can quickly review and summarize lengthy legal documents, synthesize and discover connections that might elude a human, and provide first drafts, redlines, and extracts.

Leah gives you time back to think, analyze and prepare.

Leah For Corporate Legal Teams

Corporate lawyers support more business users every year, while the headcount for legal teams remains relatively the same. Leah stretches your resources so you can get more done without compromising.

work-life balance

Leah For Law Firms

Save time when juggling multiple projects and cases, all while enhancing accuracy and quality. Leah’s ability to process vast amounts of data at lightning speed empowers you with sophisticated insights for better servicing clients.

A Generational Legal Shift: Leah Case Study

A global investment management firm used Leah Legal Copilot’s Discovery feature for a highly complex query and analysis project.

90% reduction

Leah reduced document analysis and extraction time by up to 90%.

40% reduction

Leah’s discovery and redlining capabilities achieved a 40% reduction in spending.

She helps…


Access for a comprehensive view of your Leah Copilot projects. Gain insights into user activity, usage data, and real-time ROI and productivity calculations. With complete transparency, you can monitor when Generative AI is being utilized, identify users, and witness improvements in productivity.


Quickly create first drafts with Leah’s expertise and your direction. Guide Leah by answering a few concise questions. Then she’ll get to work expertly drafting your memo, contract, or case summary.

Leah’s draft capabilities reduce the friction of creating first drafts. It’s the perfect blend of human direction and AI precision.


While Discovery is for deep analysis, there are times when the priority is pinpointing specific data. Extract is a powerful solution for quickly finding key data within a single document or across multiple files.

Leah’s dynamic extraction library makes it simple and intuitive to identify the data you are looking for. Leah then goes to work extracting terms and the corresponding text to deliver a concise summary.


With Discovery, you get deep analysis and insights across all your legal documents — M&A, Contracts, Policies, you name it! Leah meticulously examines every line, so when you’re ready, you can ask her intricate questions. She’ll summarize findings, gives you an analysis, and explains her logic.

Leah can uncover important information—empowering you to accomplish more.


Leah Guidance, your AI-powered legal help desk, simplifies getting answers to your legal questions. Ask Leah questions in natural conversational language and get quick, accurate answers. Leah taps into your knowledge base of policies, negotiation strategies and playbooks elevating decision making and saving your teams hours of time.


Leah provides redlining recommendations and risk and remediation analysis reports to ensure each document you review aligns with best practices and your organization’s goals.


Leah Playbooks automates customized playbook creation from existing documents, eliminating manual labor and ensuring up-to-date playbooks. Seamlessly leverage these playbooks with Leah Guidance for accurate insights, empowering informed decision-making. Elevate playbook management with Leah to drive efficiency and strategic alignment.


Streamline claims processing with the ultimate GenAI-powered solution for large volumes. Eliminate scattered information and delays, centralizing knowledge for optimal outcomes. Ideal for insurance, medical, travel, and finance sectors. Make swift decisions, align responses with precedents, and enhance defense or action efficiency.


Leah Deal streamlines M&A workflows by optimizing planning, accelerating financial analysis, and providing actionable recommendations. Proactively identify risks, save time, and gain a comprehensive view of obligations. Empower legal teams with advanced advisory capabilities for efficient management of complex transactions, reducing risk, and achieving strategic outcomes.


Leah for CLM

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Top FAQs about Leah

Who is Leah for?

Leah is for anyone who drafts, reviews, or analyzes legal documents. Whether you’re a corporate lawyer, work in a law firm, consulting firm, or an ALSP. Leah can help anyone who manages legal documents—and needs support.

Why should I try Leah?

Generative AI is a powerful technology that everyday users can now harness. You don’t need to be technical to utilize the power of Large Language Models and advanced algorithms. Leah is your gateway to securely access the power of Generative AI within ethical guardrails to solve legal and compliance use cases.

Is Leah secure?

Leah is built for professional use. She is not a freemium – consumer service but a commercial Generative AI product designed for law firms and legal teams. Leah is created using an ethical AI-framework— for data protection and security.

What makes Leah “legal” focused?

Legal analysts and AI experts designed Leah to deliver more than just ‘conversational responses.’ Leah uses a legal framework to fine-tune the data training. This drives the legal formulation and analysis across Leah’s features: Discovery, Extract, Redline, and Draft.

Can we add our own data for legal analysis?

Yes, our innovative infrastructure is designed to scale with our customers’ requirements, like adding data sources.

Is Leah Legal Copilot a part of ContractPodAi’s Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) product?

No, Leah Legal Copilot is a standalone Generative AI solution specifically designed to support lawyers’ day-to-day legal work, such as creating first drafts, reviewing, redlining, conducting deep analysis, and extracting. To simplify it, think of Leah as your legal-specific Generative AI, built for professional use.

How is Leah different from other legal or Generative AIs?

Leah is a commercial grade Generative AI solution designed by a veteran team of AI experts at ContractPodAi. She is a standalone product designed for legal and compliance use cases.

Powered by Multiple LLMs
Many Generative AI products and solutions in the market today rely on one core large language model (LLM). Leah’s architecture is a multi-model design and uses best-in-class LLMs such as GPT 4, Anthropic, Google and more to provide the most comprehensive, scalable solution. We carefully evaluate each use case and apply the LLM that aligns with the specific requirements to ensure exceptional performance and unparalleled accuracy.

Multi-File Analysis
Leah can analyze multiple files concurrently without limits. This is a significant benefit when doing deep analysis, summarizing complex legal documents, delivering in-depth insights, and responding in natural language to users’ in-depth questions.

Leah’s document analysis capabilities include cross-file sourcing, which enables users to reference documents easily and verify the information, boosting transparency and accuracy in legal research.

Unrestricted Response Size
Unlike other GenAI legal discovery tools, which may limit response size or character count, Leah offers comprehensive results without substantial restrictions, ensuring detailed and complete analyses.

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