Legal Intake

Connect the Enterprise to Legal

Demand for legal services is increasing and outpacing existing processes. ContractPodAi helps legal teams centralize and automate legal requests, streamlining communication and collaboration across the entire business. With our application, you can digitally triage legal requests based on priority and volume.


Legal Request

As a business user, you can initiate a legal request from Outlook, Google, or ContractPodAi Cloud’s dashboard.

business user actions on ContractPodAi Cloud dashboard
Legal Intake dashboard

From the Legal Intake dashboard, quickly gain insights into all your current legal requests — the type, status, and volume of contracts — with the help of dynamic, visual widgets.

No more cumbersome spreadsheets. Centralize all your legal requests in the Smart Repository, for easy access and advanced functionality. Easily personalize your view by requests, based on type, business user, and request date.

searchable repository for all your legal requests
configurable and customizable legal intake workflows

Customized Workflow

Easily configure and customize workflows based on your organizations processes and types of legal requests. As the request moves forward and a stage is completed, the next step is triggered.

Communication and Collaboration

Streamline communications and collaborations between legal and the business. From Request Details, you have centralized access to communication, comments, and attachments for easy access and auditability.

comments legal intake dashboard
self-service contracting

Track Trends & Outcomes

As legal requests are submitted by the business, they are stored in a centralized repository and tracked as they move through the legal workflow. That means you have instant insight and visibility into where your teams spend their time, along with the volume and type of requests.

real-time access to data

Clear Communication. Clear Results.

The centralization of legal requests and simple, transparent access to legal teams make it easier for legal teams to manage requests from start to finish, while removing friction from the business. That means no more searching through your email to see if you responded to a legal question.


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