Master terms and annexes for ContractPodAI Cloud

Last updated on November 29, 2023

The explainer: why ContractPodAI uses Bonterms cloud terms and oneDPA

We appreciate the chance to explain why ContractPodAi has chosen to use the Bonterms Cloud Terms and oneDPA to be the perfect starting point for working together.

Why bonterms cloud terms?

The Cloud Terms are designed to be a neutral starting point for an agreement that meets the needs of both ContractPodAi and enterprise customers (like you!). We recognize that there might be some needed changes — so we ask that we work together to make the changes on the Cover Page / Order Form and not hidden in the full set of ContractPodAi Master Terms. This means we can skip the battle over whose form to use, preserve goodwill, and move straight to negotiating the issues that we both really care about (and where there is a special concern, both parties are fully aware, since it is on the Cover Page / Order Form)!

Why onedpa?

Data processing agreements are long, extensive, and an unfortunate necessity in the world today. The oneDPA project allows us to have a standard, recognizable, and easily adoptable DPA that can be quickly understood and easily reviewed (and all with neutral positions that allow both you and ContractPodAi to move through understanding how we protect your trusted data and information.

Both bonterms and onedpa are best-practice, balanced, and open source:

Best practice?

  • The Bonterms Cloud Terms were drafted and extensively reviewed and revised by a 40-member Open Source Forms Committee of in-house and law firm lawyers. They took the task seriously. The Cloud Terms went through six major drafts, three sub-committees (Data, Risk and General Terms) and multiple meetings, surveys and discussions across seven months.
  • The oneDPA was drafted with input from 25+ members of the oneDPA SteerCo (and with input from over 1000 practitioners), including some of the world’s most recognizable brands and law firms. Over the course of three months and countless drafts, the oneDPA SteerCo created a module-based DPA that can be used by controllers and processors throughout the world.


Both oneDPA and the Bonterms Cloud Terms are designed to meet the needs of both parties and not inherently favor either.

Open sourced?

The Bonterms Cloud Terms and the oneDPA are free to use under CC BY 4.0. The entire ContractPodAi team is excited to get you up-and-running on our award-winning solution. It is our hope that adopting these balanced, open-source, and best-practice documents will expedite your legal department’s digital transformation and empower in-house legal professionals to optimize operational workflows, increase compliance adherence, and drive quicker revenue recognition.


You can download the current copy of our Master Terms and Annexes for ContractPodAi Cloud below.

What's modified?

  • Updated Annex A: ContractPodAi’s Support Policy and Service Level Agreement.