What is Quick Deploy Contract Lifecycle Management?

What is Quick Deploy Contract Lifecycle Management?
by Manpreet Dhillon

Quick deploy CLM (contract lifecycle management) is an out-of-the-box solution that has a rather short implementation cycle. It migrates a fixed number of contracts onto a CLM system within a matter of days. This extremely quick implementation allows legal departments to adopt and use systems in real time.


When you think about enterprise-wide contract management solutions, quick implementation isn’t the first thing to come to mind. In fact, most contract management systems (CMS) vendors openly admit that it can take between 12 and 24 months to implement a solution. Wow. Just imagine a CMS that takes longer to implement than most people stay in one role.

So the days of the long deployment cycles are no longer tenable. Instead, quick deploy CLMs are what the legal industry needs.


A quick deploy CLM is intended to get your legal team up and operational as quickly as possible. This is ideal especially during times of crisis, like the COVID-19 (coronavirus) lockdowns that have taken place around the world. For extended periods of time, legal teams have been in self-isolation or quarantine. Yet, they still need access to all of their contracts – with the help of a smart contract repository, artificial intelligence, and collaboration tools – the same as before. In fact, legal departments need these contract management processes, tools, and features more than ever.

That is why a quick deploy CLM makes perfect sense right now.


A quick deploy CLM gives you the latest release of contract management software (SaaS-based). It migrates a fixed number of critical agreements. With ContractPodAi, that number is currently 500. You also get a fixed number of three key legal obligations (KLO) on which the system will report. And all of the business processes and tools in a CLM matrix are included in the solution. As a result, your legal team’s day-to-day needs are met. They can function optimally whenever or wherever they need to work on a contract.

Getting your legal team up and operational within 10 business days is the main goal, however. Simply put, it takes the pressure off of general counsels and helps legal teams to work efficiently and effectively. From our perspective, it allows us to deliver on our promise: ContractPodAi is legal’s way of getting more for less – that is more impact and less stress!


This quick implementation is made possible by our industry-standard, off-the-shelf SaaS CLM, along with the fixed number of contracts and KLOs. What’s more, ContractPodAi’s digital transformation consultants work with your team to assess your current conditions and critical contract needs and create a straightforward project plan to make it all happen. These legal engineers will also engage with your team to quickly train the artificial intelligence system for the KLOs that you need most.

Then it is just a matter of migrating your agreements and associated records into the smart contract repository.

And after 10 business days, your team will be trained on the basics and ready to use the quick deploy CLM.


Here, after the critical needs of your legal team are met, a schedule is drawn up for the deployment of the system, including the migration of your contracts, a complete list of needed KLOs, and full configuration. This is when the sales team and the rest of the company can start speeding up processes, like self-service contract creation, with features like the Auto-Contract Desk.


So a quick deploy CLM represents a paradigm shift in the legal industry. And it can only come from a company that offers a solution designed by lawyers, for lawyers.

Read more about ContractPodAi’s Quick deploy CLM. An innovation from a company of real people – doing real work to help your legal team!


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