Recap: Legalweek 2020 for the General Counsel

ContractPodAi Team at Legalweek 2020 General Counsel
by Charles Dimov

Legalweek 2020 in New York draws anywhere between 8,000 and 9,000 busy legal professionals. This year, the event certainly attracted no less. Between LegalBusinessStrategy, LegalCIO, and LegalTech, there was something educational for everyone, from chief information officers and big-firm lawyers, through to attorneys in the office of general counsel.

Held on three floors, Legalweek 2020 ran the full gamut:

  • Pre-conference workshops
  • Opening keynotes
  • CLE-credited seminars
  • Panel discussions
  • Trade show floor
  • Networking, networking, and networking!


Having started out as the eDiscovery trade show, Legalweek has now expanded far beyond that. After all, there were plenty of legal technologies other than eDiscovery at this year’s event. Several vendors brought forward their emergent technologies involving time tracking, offering legal advice or services around corporate counsels’ work. Still, contract lifecycle management (CLM) was one of the hottest areas and was represented in full force. Among several competitors, ContractPodAi presented demos, hosted panel discussions, and offered cool swag. Yet again, our socks were a big hit given their subdued look: a subtle neural network with a splash of orange. In case you hadn’t figured it out, the dot-and-line pattern is a neural network representation. (The next guess was a cobweb – which is popular during Halloween but NOT the correct answer!)


It is always exciting to hear how peers handle legal challenges and execute legal business strategy. And Legalweek 2020 gave us plenty of panel discussions. panel

A part of the fun is all of the last-minute changes. Given this year’s scary Corona Virus situation, whether a panel session came together or not materialized as a real question. In fact, one of our panels had three panelists drop out due to a family crisis or illness. One panelist even canceled less than an hour before the session was scheduled to begin. Despite these challenges behind the scenes, though, all panels included three professionals with considerable experience and expertise.

The three sessions ContractPodAi sponsored at Legalweek 2020 included:

  • Undoing the Pain of Contract Remediation with AI
  • How Much of Contracts Still Require Manual Review?
  • Moneyballing with a Killer Contract Analytics Department


Moderated by Deirdre Leone, ContractPodAi VP Sales North America

Thanks go out to the panelists who expertly addressed this tough subject:

Oliver Round, BNY Mellon, Managing Counsel & Director Co-Head Legal Data Management & Advisory; Rajan Gupta, Facebook, Head of Global Legal Technology; Jordan Weinstein, Goldman Sachs, Global Head of Legal Technology


Moderated by me (Charles Dimov), ContractPodAi VP Global Marketing

Our deepest appreciation to our panelists:

Oliver Round, BNY Mellon, Managing Counsel & Director Co-Head Legal Data Management & Advisory; Kim Maney, GSK, Assistant General Counsel & Head of Global Contracting; Joey Shabot, Greenburg Traurig, Managing Shareholder; Kevin Fumai, Oracle, Senior Managing Counselconference


Moderated by Derek Karpel, ContractPodAi Sales Engineer

Many thanks to the highly engaging panelists:

Eric Falkenberry, DLA Piper, Partner; Daryl Shetterly, Orrick, Director of Orrick Analytics; Scott Milner, Morgan Lewis, Partner; Dina Traugot, Travellers, Group General Counsel & Chief Contracts Counsel


With more than 8,000 attendees and delegates, LegalWeek 2020 is one of the biggest shows on the legal landscape. If you attended the event, you know that there were a certain vibe and energy to the show. It was happening. Everything from the newest in contract management technology shown, to eDiscovery, through to legal services offered. If you did not see ContractPodAi’s latest, make sure to ask us for a demo – and how a solid CLM can help your business. In addition, we showcased our Digital Transformation Scorecard. This helps general counsels assess where they currently stand in their digital transformation journey.

As Virginia Griffith, Esq., senior account manager at ALM, put it: “the vibe this year was more exciting with the new layout, registration, and improved traffic flow. Best of all, all these changes made a difference. It just made the whole show so much more upbeat!”


Whether you attended Legalweek 2020 for the training, seminars, panel sessions, networking, trade show – or even the cool swag – you certainly added your voice to the event. Legal is changing. The momentum is building. LegalWeek 2020 only helped to drive legal forward. And if we missed you this year, you can contact us here or simply connect with us at our next show.

Until then, enjoy these photos and videos from Legalweek 2020:


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