Technicolor Brings a Glow to Its Contract Management Process with ContractPodAi’s Artificial Intelligence-Powered Solution

Technicolor Brings a Glow to Its Contract Management Process with ContractPodAi’s Artificial Intelligence-Powered Solution
by ContractPodAi

ContractPodAi reduces the intensity of contract management, replacing manual management of thousands of contracts worldwide with a single simple solution

NEW YORK — January 29, 2020 — ContractPodAi®, the award-winning provider of AI-powered contract lifecycle management software, today announced that Technicolor, a worldwide technology leader in the media and entertainment sector, has rolled out ContractPodAi across the entire company to support its document management. ContractPodAi provides a smart contract repository with an intuitive user interface that supports worldwide rollouts of the technology, across regions, time zones and divisions.

ContractPodAi develops one of the world’s most robust contract lifecycle management (CLM) technologies, providing services to get corporate legal counsels up and operational faster and easier than ever before. A big part of whether a CLM technology is successful within a company is based on whether it is adopted. In that regard, ContractPodAi has focused its energy and effort into developing a graphically intuitive and attractive user interface that professionals enjoy using.

Another piece of the puzzle is to help the organization with their adoption of the technology. That means providing assets like an internal portal where users can find answers, see the latest helpful blog posts, find related information and find other users who can help answer their questions. In this regard, Technicolor, the leader in delivering advanced video systems to content creators, has taken the lead in driving adoption of their system internally.

“From a legal operations perspective, Technicolor’s success is aided by the scale created from digital innovation,” said Hunter Simon, VP Business Affairs and General Counsel, Technicolor Production Services. “To do this effectively, we operate with speed and attention to detail that matches the needs of our internal and external clients. After evaluating different options, we felt that ContractPodAi’s solution would allow us to meticulously manage thousands of contracts at the pace we needed. Then it came down to driving adoption of the technology, within the company, to make it a success.”

ContractPodAi offers customers intelligent AI functionality, built on the trusted IBM Watson platform, right out-of-the box. Customers gain access to a smart contract repository, replacing the time-consuming manual efforts and helping to manage versions across locations. Additionally, ContractPodAi helps customers track key metrics regarding contract data and search metadata including phrases or clauses.

ContractPodAi also recently partnered with Workshare, the market leader in document comparison solutions, to implement and manage version and document control comparison capabilities. Technicolor is the first customer to leverage ContractPodAi’s WorkShare integration.

“From bringing Dorothy’s ruby red slippers to the big screen to turning Simba into a photorealistic, talking lion, Technicolor has deep roots in innovation, and the company carries that tradition across its business,” said Sarvarth Misra, co-founder and CEO, ContractPodAi. “We deeply value innovation at ContractPodAi so we’re thrilled to help Technicolor take its contract management processes to the next level. We’re pleased to help with their technical needs on the contract side, while also driving internal adoption of the solution with their own stakeholders.”

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