Delegate Approval Datasheet

The delegate approval feature speeds up the contract approval process immediately, dislodging the common bottleneck in contract authoring processes.

Delegate Approval Datasheet


One of the most frustrating tasks of a corporate legal department is getting contracts drafted, edited, and finalized – all from various locations. When an agreement is left with someone for days or even weeks, business continuity is affected significantly. But when it comes to the day-to-day contracting process, the approval process workflow is crucial.

ContractPodAi’s Delegate Approval is a core feature of our AI-powered contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution. With such custom approval workflow, users can delegate approval to other users – all from within the software, itself.

Download our Delegate Approval datasheet to learn all about approval workflows – and some the benefits of advanced contract management systems (CMS):

    • Enhanced delegated approval workflow – either automated or manual
    • Ability to delegate approvals for specific or all contract records based on user requirement
    • Ability to set new dates and modify delegated user if necessary

Use ContractPodAi’s Delegate Approval to automate – and speed up – your own contract approval workflow. And make contract lifecycle management more efficient and effective for everyone.

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