Contract Management System Security Information Datasheet

Security needs to be a top priority of every company, especially when it comes to contracts. Read about how ContractPodAi offers top of the line Contract Management Security in the datasheet.

ContractPodAi Security Datasheet


Every single day, hackers attack systems 2,244 times on average – or every 39 seconds – according to the University of Maryland. Because cyberattacks happen more often than not, taking steps to guard against data breaches – while being sure to back up your most sensitive data – should not only be top-of-mind, but a top priority. That is to ensure that your data will not be corrupted and stolen – and, if it is, that it safely exists somewhere else, too.

In addition to contract lifecycle automation, both security and privacy matter greatly to ContractPodAi. So do the trust and confidence of our clients. Accordingly, ContractPodAi’s AI-powered contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution offers clients full, end-to-end infrastructure security. It enables systems to continue operating properly through any contingency, ensuring the overall continuity of business operations.

Among other key benefits, ContractPodAi’s contract creation tool ensures that:

    • Access to mission-critical CLM is secured with monthly uptimes of 99%
    • Scheduled maintenance periods are defined within client MSAs
    • Full security controls meet trusted services criteria approved by the European Commission (ContractPodAi is SOC 2 Type II compliant)
    • Service is built on highly-secure Microsoft Azure cloud, which is available in North America and the continental North EU, and mirrored across the Western EU
    • Stored backup media and passwords, data at rest, and other confidential information are encrypted with industry-standard methods
    • Data security tools are best-in-class and leading-edge

When it comes to the accuracy, efficiency, and security of contract creation management, ContractPodAi makes zero compromises. Your legal team can safely assemble, manage, and execute contracts wherever they are – in the office, on the road, or at home.

Download our Contract Management System Security Information Datasheet today. And find out how ContractPodAi can help you be more proactive about your contract management security altogether.

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