Cognitive Search Datasheet

Cognitive Search Datasheet

Do your contract searches need a turbo charge?

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Imagine being able to cut down the time that you spend searching through contracts and related documents by as much as 75%? That is what cognitive searchability can deliver to legal teams. It is the quickest and most effective way to search for and understand all of your contractual obligations – sparing you the headaches.

ContractPodAi’s AI-based Cognitive Search is a new core feature of our contract lifecycle management (CLM) system. Especially during times of crisis, such advanced searches are essential for working from home (WFH) more efficiently.

Download our datasheet today to learn more about the benefits of Cognitive Search:

  • Advanced tracking technology that increases the searchability of content across different locations
  • Support for searches across 40 different languages
  • Critical during discovery exercise in relation to regulatory compliance, crisis obligation management, and contractual litigation

So cut your administrative efforts and costs. With ContractPodAi’s Cognitive Search, get ‘more for less’ – more impact, less stress. Download our datasheet today to find out more.


Using the best AI Technology from IBM Watson, our platform breaks down traditional barriers around documents to give you seamless and limitless functionality out of the box.

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