General Counsel MasterClass: IPsoft

Contract Management Video Case Study

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How technology company IPsoft excelled in their legal digital transformation journey with an AI-powered contract lifecycle management system

IPsoft is an American multinational technology company focused on artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive, and autonomic solutions. It is the largest independent provider of enterprise AI, creating deeper human connections with employees, customers, suppliers, and partners.

IPsoft stayed ahead of the game by adopting and implementing a contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution prior to the COVID-19 crisis. By adapting to the digital age early, IPsoft was able to smoothly transition to working remotely, allowing its legal team to work anywhere in the world.

This contract management case study covers:

  • How IPsoft adapted to legal digital transformation
  • The benefits of a common repository for general counsels (GCs) and legal teams, especially those working remotely
  • The importance of the involving GCs when adopting new software for a company
  • How IPsoft’s in-house legal team prevented the pandemic from affecting its business continuity and success
  • The user-friendliness of ContractPodAi’s CLM system

IPsoft made the decision to adopt and implement an AI-powered CLM solution to simplify its everday legal work – and allow its legal team to focus on more strategic tasks.

Watch the contract management case study to learn more about IPsoft’s legal digital transformation journey and success with ContractPodAi.


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