Contract Management Case Study

Optimizing CLM Processes

Brazilian-headquartered Braskem is one of the world’s largest petrochemical groups, operating in 100 countries. Braskem sought to digitize its legal function, as the group’s global legal function bore the weight of its busy operational schedule, resulting in an intense through-put of documents.

How we streamlined Braskem’s contract management processes

In order to achieve its goals, Braskem identified a number of key functionalities needed to optimize their contract management processes:

  • Centralized contract repository
  • Global automated process to generate and negotiate contracts
  • Align and uniformize practices and workflows
  • Tools to search and manage contract data
  • Ability to do digital signature within the workflow
  • Integration with SAP

Having identified its contract management use case, Braskem shortlisted a number of potential suppliers.  ContractPodAi was ultimately selected as the best equipped contract management vendor to fulfil the brief.

Download the full contract management case study to learn about Braskem’s success with ContractPodAi’s contract management solution.


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