Delegate Approval Datasheet

Delegate Approval Datasheet


One of the most frustrating tasks of a corporate legal department is getting contracts drafted, edited, and finalized – all from various locations. When an agreement is left with someone for days or even weeks, business continuity is affected significantly. But when it comes to the day-to-day contracting process, the approval process workflow is crucial.

ContractPodAi’s Delegate Approval is a core feature of our AI-powered contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution. With such custom approval workflow, users can delegate approval to other users – all from within the software, itself.

Download our Delegate Approval datasheet to learn all about approval workflows – and some the benefits of advanced contract management systems (CMS):

    • Enhanced delegated approval workflow – either automated or manual
    • Ability to delegate approvals for specific or all contract records based on user requirement
    • Ability to set new dates and modify delegated user if necessary

Use ContractPodAi’s Delegate Approval to automate – and speed up – your own contract approval workflow. And make contract lifecycle management more efficient and effective for everyone.