Webinar: Ai and Legal Design for Contracts

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Leveraging Legal Design and AI for Contract Management at ContractPodAi

During the session, talk about leveraging legal design and AI for contract management and you’ll get a chance to see in real life what that looks like in practice.

You’ll learn:

  1. Where lawyers are wasting time with their contract management
  2. Why lawyers need more than a document storage system
  3. The tool isn’t replacing lawyers but making lawyers more efficient
  4. How ContractPodAi:
  5. – Creates contracts
  6. – Generates summaries
  7. – Makes recommendations
  8. – Can respond to voice commands (you can talk to your contracts)
  9. – Delivers a complete dashboard of every contract and its progress

Learn more about Lawyer Design School: https://lawyersdesignschool.com