Webinar: Policies for Generative AI — Are You Ready?

Meeting, workshop and questions with business people

Navigating the Future of Legal Artificial Intelligence: Ethics, Law, and Policy | Webinar Series

Welcome to the second webinar in our three-part series, designed to guide you through the exciting yet intricate world of AI. This session is your roadmap to developing proactive policies that will align your legal firm or team with the age of intelligence.

In the second installment, Levine and Gatto dive into effective strategies and vital considerations for seamlessly integrating AI into your legal practices.

During this engaging session, you will uncover:

  • How to craft modern, AI-informed policies.
  • The key legal aspects surrounding AI.
  • A robust AI adoption strategy that addresses both its capabilities and limitations.

This is your chance to deepen your understanding of the evolving role of AI in the legal field while ensuring you keep pace with the swiftly burgeoning age of intelligence. Watch the webinar on-demand.


James Gatto
Partner, Sheppard Mullin

Jerry Levine
Chief Evangelist and GC, ContractPodAi