CLM for Procurement

Simplify and Optimize Contracts for Procurement

ContractPodAi helps procurement and sourcing teams streamline vendor and supplier contracts before negotiations through renewals and extract contract intelligence that supports KPIs and procurement objectives.


Increase Contract Visibility, and Access

Centralize all your vendor contracts to make them easily accessible and searchable. Our Smart Repository is designed to simplify your work with advanced features for personalization, visualization and collaboration.

Customize & Automate Vendor Contracts

Create customized vendor contract templates and workflows based on your business needs to empower your business users, while maintaining control. Leverage pre-defined workflow from creation, and negotiations through post-signature.

Never Miss Important Dates

With your vendor contract data centralized, our AI-powered services help you keep track of revisions, renewals, terminations, and obligations for all your contracts, in one location. Helping you plan and negotiate easier, prevent last minute changes and hit your KPIs.

Vendor Contract Intelligence

Increase visibility across all your vendor contracts with easy access to reports and dashboards to support stronger negotiations and faster turnaround.

Contract Visibility

A single repository for all your vendor and supplier contracts makes it easy to find both historical and active contracts or manage and track negotiations. Our Smart Repository is powerful and easy to use.

contract visibility dashboard
advanced ai-powered search, contract review, and task management

Advanced AI Services

Our advanced search, contract analysis and task management empower you to do more with less time and resources. Advanced yes, but 100% practical.

  • AI-powered Search transforms traditional ‘search’ and making it possible to find the needle in the haystack.
  • Our AI-analysis feature, CR&C, analyzes third-party contracts and extracts non-compliant clauses in minutes, not hours.
  • Don’t miss deadlines, renewals, or rebates with our AI-powered Task Management feature.

Configure & Customize Templates and Workflow

Don’t be stuck with out-of-the box templates that don’t work for your organization’s unique needs. Configure and customize your contract templates and the workflow to match. Co-create templates and workflow with legal reducing the need for legal involvement in each contract.

customizable workflow contractpodai dashboard
contract insights from reports

Contract Intelligence

Access reports and data for stronger negotiations and faster turnaround. Unlock insights so you can track sustainability, meet ESG goals, and quickly understand supplier diversity and requirements.

Integrate with Your Procurement TechStack

Easily integrate with applications like Coupa and SAP, as well as productivity apps like Gmail and Outlook to streamline your day-to-day operations.

procurement techstack integration like SAP

ContractPodAi supports your enterprise contract management initiatives

Reduce Costs with CLM as a shared service

With ContractPodAi you have a secure solution for end-to-end contract lifecycle management—bringing legal, procurement, finance, and the business together.

Contract Flexibility

ContractPodAi has the flexibility you need to handle vendor agreements on your paper or third-party paper. We can customize and configure your contract template and the workflow. Example contracts: Office Supplies, Equipment Repair, Maintenance, Raw Materials, Software/Hardware, Master Service Agreements.


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