Streamline Your Contracts with AI-powered CLM


Streamline Contracts & Boost Efficiency: A 25-Minute overview demonstration of Contract Lifecycle Management with ContractPodAi

Join us for a 25-minute online demonstration showcasing how ContractPodAi’s innovative Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution streamlines each step of the process saving you time and money. 

In this session, you’ll get a glimpse into: 

Empower business users to craft 1st draft contracts faster with automated templates and pre-approved clauses.

Remove bottlenecks and un-necessary touch-points for the Legal team with exceptions based rules and task assignment.

Accelerate negotiations with real-time collaboration for all stakeholders, clause library access directly from Word (Or Google Docs) & Ai-Powered redline re-drafts.

Mitigate risk, drive compliance & reduce approval cycle-times by ensuring all necessary approvals are made prior to signature.

Integrate seamlessly & out of the box with all well known e-signature solutions to support the entire contract lifecycle from within a single platform with ContractPodAi.

Ensure contract compliance and streamline renewals with automated reminders.

This demo is ideal if you're looking to: