Centralized Repository

First things first — centralize all your contracts and legal data within a single source of truth, which is both easy to access and secure.

Smart Repository

Modern. Visual. Personalized — ContractPodAi Cloud’s Smart Repository is designed for legal teams — by legal teams. It is an intuitive, interactive repository that helps you access and manage all your contract and legal data. From powerful search to intuitive visual components, the Smart Repository is designed to streamline all your legal work.

Intuitive Experience & Visualization

From the Quick Stats bar — with visualized insights into your contract database — to the responsiveness of the design, the Smart Repository helps you find what you are looking for easily. Use advanced filtering to find groups of contracts quickly, as well as save and share searches.

With the Quick Snapshot, you do not need to read an entire contract to find what you are looking for in an agreement. With the high-level visualization of a contract, you can identify what you need to take the next action immediately.

Cognitive Search

Do not stop at contract names, metadata, and IDs. With our Cognitive Search, you can search your entire database of contract and legal requests with ease. Find what you are looking for in a particular agreement and so much more.   

Analytics & Insights

With your contracts and legal data secure in a centralized location, you can leverage AI-based analytics and advanced reporting. Do a deeper dive into the agreements in your repository and get all the contractual details to support strategic initiatives.


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